Sharks in shallow Florida waters send swimmers fleeing

Sharks were spotted swimming in shallow waters on several Florida beaches this Fourth of July weekend, prompting swimmers to flee to safety as beachgoers filmed the astonishing event. bottom.

A hammerhead shark appeared in the shallow waters of Perdidokee on Sunday afternoon and was in and out of the water. At one point it was swimming 5-10 yards offshore. WEAR TV reported.

The gigantic creature is seen raging in the sea as worried onlookers yell “Shark!”

Swimmers leap out of the water over their shoulders as onlookers shout about danger.

According to Kennady Brinley, a marine biologist at the Emerald Coast Wildlife Sanctuary, shark sightings are more common in June than any other month, and it’s no surprise that we still see shark sightings in July. Not.

Brinley said the shark in the video was exhibiting foraging behavior.

A video of another shark spotted on another beach in Florida about 60 miles away also went viral this weekend.

The shark sighting prompted swimmers to start running at Perdidokey on Sunday.
WEAR Channel 3 News

A shark was spotted casually swimming among a crowd of bathers at Navarre Beach on Monday afternoon.

Swimmers have been seen trying to get out of the water as they begin to notice the shark’s fins circling in the waves, and some turn around to watch their tails flip as they exit the water.

As people tried to get out of the water, worried onlookers could be heard yelling “Get out of the water! Come out!” And “Hurry up, hurry up!”

We saw hammerhead sharks going in and out of the waves.
WEAR Channel 3 News

Many climbed out of the water over time, as someone behind a video camera notes, “They’re still out at sea.”

Christie Cox, who took the video, told the Pensacola News Journal. The shark was just hunting for its next bait.

“It all happened so quickly! In fact, the dolphins were side by side with the sharks at first, but they soon disappeared,” Cox said.

Onlookers urged swimmers to get out of the water quickly after the giant creature was spotted.
WEAR Channel 3 News

“As expected, the shark was about to feed and just passed by the swimmer. Yes, we are at their house, so be careful!”

Coast Safety Director Austin Turnbill confirmed to the newspaper that the shark had been sighted, but said there was no reason to be concerned about the sighting.

“There are sharks everywhere in the Gulf. We see sharks almost every day and 99.9% of the time it’s nothing to worry about,” Turnbill said.

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