Sheriff, deputies, father accused in kidnapping conspiracy; attorney says charges are political retribution

my friend is my daughter, St. Louis Post Dispatch report.

“The fact that we arrested one of our own [Missouri Sheriffs Association] meeting,” Washington County, Missouri Sheriff Zach Jacobsen told the outlet.

Iron County, Missouri Sheriff Jeff Burkett and a pair of his deputies are accused of conspiring to help Donald Gaston kidnap his own daughter. In addition to personal charges, he has been charged with organized joint criminal activity under the “street gang” statute. NBC News report.

“These accusations are 100% politically motivated,” Burkett’s attorney Gabe Crocker told the Post-Dispatch. It’s just a chapter.”

Sheriff Jacobsen of neighboring Washington County said someone called his office in February after receiving a call that law enforcement officers in Iron County were abusing police powers, according to the KSDK. rice field.

Jacobsen then asked the Missouri Highway Patrol to investigate. Washington County prosecutors filed charges, the outlet explained.

The alleged plot to help Gaston kidnap his own daughter reportedly began with a dispute Gaston had with the child’s mother over $50 in liquor, according to the Post-Dispatch.

Jefferson County police officers reportedly located the woman and child, who were said to be “well”.

According to KDSK, in addition to street gang activity, charges against the group include 911 abuse, false reporting, criminal record investigations on false pretexts, and attempted kidnapping.

Birkett was released from hospital on March 10 due to “complications from his continued battle with lingering Covid-19 symptoms and complications.” Iron County Sheriff’s OfficeIn his mugshot, Birkett wears what appears to be an oxygen line leading to his nose.

“Ever since he won the Republican sheriff’s primary in Iron County in 2020, they’ve been trying to get rid of him,” Crocker said. KSDK.

Crocker said Washington County prosecutors are asking the judge to demand his removal if he can post bail.

Neighboring Washington County sheriff Jacobsen reportedly offered to help patrol Iron County while the sheriff and two sheriff’s deputies were in prison. While the sheriff is away, Iron County Coroner Tim Harbison is tasked with managing an understaffed office.

Burkett, Cozad, Bresnahan, and Gaston are all jailed instead of bail. Birkett’s bail has been set at $500,000, while bail for the remaining three has been set at $400,000, according to NBC News. doing.

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