Sheryl Swoopes fails — once again — to make things right with Caitlin Clark

Sheryl Swoopes is a stupid joke.If you doubt me, check this out 3 minute video It depicts Swoopes trying to explain the ridiculous attack she unleashed on record-breaking Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark three weeks ago.

As Clark looks to set a new scoring standard in women’s basketball, Hall of Famer Swoopes slammed Clark on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast. Swoopes argued that Clark has been playing for five years, is 25 years old, and is taking 40 shots per game, so she is just setting a new standard.

Do black people have the power to oppress white people in this country?

None of Mr. Swoopes’ claims are true. Clark is in his 22nd year and is completing his fourth season at Iowa. And throughout her career, she’s averaged about 20 shots per game.

Clark is white. Swoopes is black. Swoopes’ initial criticism was so misplaced that many observers concluded that racial prejudice and jealousy contributed to Swoopes’ ignorant claims.

Earlier this week, Swoopes returned to Gilbert Arenas’ podcast to defend himself from accusations of racism. Swoop left little doubt that she was ignorant.

“When people come up to me and say I made those comments because I’m a racist, it’s just like black people can’t be racist in the first place.” Swoopes said bluntly, waving his hands and shaking his head. “But that seems to be the furthest thing from my mind. I grew up in a small town in predominantly white West Texas. My closest childhood friends are white. I went to a college that was 100% white and won a national championship, and almost everyone on the team was white. We’re still like sisters. It’s like it’s not part of my DNA.”

Then Swoopes changed his tune and said: “But for me, being a black woman is very important. That’s why it’s important for me to speak up for people. [who] looks like me It’s Black History Month. Just like our ancestors fought and died to have the opportunities we have today. ”

Swoop’s explanation is just as stupid and problematic as her original criticism of Caitlin Clark.

Swoopes is 52 years old. She thinks and talks like she’s an 18 year old college freshman. Years ago, when Ms. Swoopes was an impressionable teenager, someone she thought was smart probably told her, “Black people are racist because they don’t have the power to oppress white people.” “I can’t become that,” he probably said.

Swoopes swallowed that lie years ago. She was never forced to spout the lies, which are reinforced at every turn by the corporate media, academia, and the so-called black church. The media, academia, and the black church love to talk about the word “racism,” but it is never used in the Bible.

In fact, Swoopes struggles with “idolatry,” the root of all sin. She idolized her own skin color. That’s why, in a recent podcast interview with Gilbert Arenas, she wore a T-shirt that read, “I’m Black History.”

She is not an image bearer of God, a follower of Jesus Christ, or a vessel for the power of the Holy Spirit. Sheryl Swoopes has a dark history. She proudly proclaims it on the front of her shirt.

Race is her idol. They are no different from white Klan members who idolize their skin color.

People who idolize their race have no problem abusing people who don’t look like them. It is foolish to claim that black people cannot be ruled by racial idolatry. Are dark-skinned people unable to worship idols? Are we better than people of different shades? And if we think we’re superior, doesn’t that make us racist?

Doesn’t that tend to undermine Caitlin Clark’s accomplishments?

Of the many lies that Black Americans have swallowed, the most pernicious lie is that we have no power or agency in our own lives. It’s a lie based on the belief that what happens to us is far more important than what we do. By doing so, you can persuade people to do less of themselves and get others to do more.

Deep down, Sheryl Swoopes believes her actions don’t matter.

Yeah, so what? She said a lot of ridiculous things about Caitlin Clark. it doesn’t matter. Swoopes is a black queen who made history. She transcends her responsibilities. She doesn’t owe her an apology. She is free to accept white people’s bigoted attitudes, actions, and excuses because her prejudices are trivial or justified. Her ancestors were abused. She has earned the privilege of abusing others. The color of her skin makes her more than a consequential sin.

Do black people have the power to oppress white people in this country? Just ask Daniel Penny, the former Marine who is being charged by District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s office with subduing a homeless man who went crazy on the New York subway. Black Lives Matter protests and fears of riots have led the corporate media to portray this crazy homeless man as a harmless Michael Jackson impersonator on the verge of turning his life around.

Isn’t it Black Power’s fault that Derek Chauvin and three other police officers are locked up for being at the scene of George Floyd’s fentanyl overdose? Isn’t black power the reason Ashli ​​Babbitt’s murderer is considered a hero?

People have power, no matter the color of their skin. Humans become victims of all kinds of idolatry. The idolatry favored by black people is racial idolatry. White friends, white teammates, and a small-town upbringing do not make black people immune to racial idolatry.

Obedience to God is the only cure for idolatry.

As you may have noticed, Sheryl Swoopes said, “I’m not a racist because my relationship with God leads me to consider people who don’t look like me to be my brothers and sisters in Christ.” I didn’t say that.

no. She moved on to her topic of being a black woman and what we owe to black women. Like many stupid athletes, she is steeped in the cult of black patriarchy.



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