Shohei Ohtani interpreter had ‘textbook gambling addiction’: Craig Carton

Craig Carton has a simple explanation for how Ippei Mizuhara’s huge gambling scheme was foiled by Shohei Otani: gambling addiction.

“Some things – Don’t be surprised that Otani may not have known Mizuhara was gambling at the level he was – Compulsive gamblers are world-class liars and cover-ups – Records It’s a textbook gambling addiction – begging/begging for more trust…” Carton wrote to X.

“Betting on yourself about previous losses or bad games, promising regular payouts well beyond your means, betting on fringe sports like college football (I once bet on the Tijuana dog races). ), 25 or more bets per day, 19,000 bets of varying amounts, and to further illustrate the desperation, imagine betting more than $100,000 on a game, plus $10 on a single game. That was probably all he had left. Surprisingly, no evidence of a single bet on baseball still exists, and it is clear that Ohtani’s bank account” he added.

Otani attends a Dodgers press conference with his current former interpreter, Ippei Mizuura. Icon Sports Wire (via Getty Images)

Mr. Mizuhara, a former interpreter for Otani, More than $40 million lost in sports betting scandal According to a bombshell criminal complaint released Thursday by federal prosecutors, it took place over a 26-month period.

Mizuhara was charged Thursday with felony bank fraud for allegedly stealing more than $16 million from Ohtani to cover gambling debts.

Between December 2021 and January 2024, he is said to have placed approximately 19,000 bets ranging from $10 to $160,000, with an average bet of approximately $12,800 per bet. .

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Mizuhara reportedly turned himself in on Friday.

He was released on $25,000 bail and According to The Athletic.

His next court appearance is scheduled for May 9th.

The investigation found no evidence that Mizuhara had bet on baseball, which was a shock to Carton.

“Amazingly, no evidence of a single bet on baseball has yet emerged, including the idea that Ohtani was unaware that more than $16 million had been drained from his bank account. It’s amazing,” Carton added. “Also, I did not read where the remaining $24 million that Ippei lost came from in terms of payments to bookmakers. This is an insidious addiction and someone needs to keep an eye on Ippei “Sadly, the suicide rate among gambling addicts is extremely high.”