SHOSHANA BRYEN: Biden Admin Hypocrisy Leaves US Ally Hanging Out To Dry

Summer questions are like gnats. You can swipe it, but it won’t disappear. So take them.

The Biden administration Termination of science and technology research grants For Ariel University in the West Bank – because an administration spokesman said “engaging Israel in a geographic area…subject to final status negotiations…is inconsistent with US foreign policy.”

Two questions: First, why is this not BDS, a boycott of Israeli products (intellectual or physical) emanating from Judea and Samaria? Second, since the illegal occupation of Jordan in 1949, Is U.S. cooperation with Palestinians in areas awaiting final status also “inconsistent with U.S. foreign policy”?US will send $500 million for PA from 2021-2024. This, in addition to returning the United States as the largest contributor to UNRWA, $344 million in 2022.

Speaking of restoring funding, the US has also restored funding to the EcoHealth Alliance, a US-based group. Engaged in bat research at Wuhan University of Technology Back when it was illegal in America. The director A longtime collaborator with China’s “Batlady”, Masarei Ishi. Question: What? (Related: Jacob Oridort: What the Left Wrong About Benjamin Netanyahu’s Vision for Israel)

Change gears a little.

State Department officials have asked for an “explanation” for Israel’s use of a drone to kill three West Bank militants, Israeli security analysts report. “‘The introduction of armed unmanned aerial vehicles raises concerns about the potential relaxation of rules of engagement in areas where de-escalation is required,’ a US official told me,” the Israeli sources reported.

Question: If removing the terrorist threat is a priority, why is it President Barack Obama? Armed drones used The killing of Americans abroad, including a 16-year-old boy, raises serious constitutional questions regarding summary executions. Report of the Council on Foreign Relations There were 542 drone attacks authorized by President Obama that killed an estimated 3,797 people, including 324 civilians, including American aid workers and Italian colleagues.

The Biden Administration Uses Armed Drones, killed a family in afghanistan – including seven children – during the appallingly inappropriate withdrawal from Kabul.

In 2015 President Obama said“This is a targeted and focused effort against people on the list of active terrorists who are … seeking to harm Americans and attack American facilities, American bases, etc. …I think we have to be wise…the drones weren’t” causing huge numbers of civilian casualties. For the most part they have been very accurate and precise in their attacks. “

Question: Isn’t 324 civilians a “many” and does he think Israel is at least as unwise as the US?

Israel will avoid civilian casualties a) in spaces close to Israeli civilians, and b) behind its own civilians, and against an enemy who is intent on targeting Israeli civilians. It seems to do a better job of doing it.

that’s not a question.

Russians, on the other hand, don’t seem to have similar concerns. (No figures are quoted here. There are no independent and credible reports from either side.)

Your question is: The administration has commented on Iranian-made drones illegally sold to Russia despite a UN arms embargo, but has not commented on the fact that those drones contain parts. . Made in China in 2023according to wall street journal?

This requires another question. How can the Biden administration continue to unfreeze billions of dollars to Iran’s Mullah regime knowing it is selling drones used against Ukrainian allies and dependents? ? Are we going to fund both sides of the war?

This is separate and separate from the old issue. “How can the US allow money to flow to a regime that hangs its adversaries with cranes?” 192 (including 8 women) Since early this year, according to Human Rights Watch. Figures from NGOs human rights in iran The number of runs is 354. Whatever the actual numbers, even the United Nations has called for this activity to stop. “A Wave of Horrible Executions”.

France at the end.

During the American Independence Day holiday, this is very sad. France is our friend, ally, partner and indeed one of the great fathers of American independence. (Related: Shoshana Brien: What Happens When Palestinian Powerhouse Leaders Finally Die)

France is literally burning from end to end. Over the weekend, mobs set fire to an apartment building and desecrated it. Holocaust Museum in Paris.

Why does the administration say nothing about the threat to French democracy, but when the democratically elected government of Israel put forward a judicial reform bill that is entirely an internal matter, the United States calls it a “threat against Israeli democracy?” Did you call it a “threat”? The Israelis had their own way of expressing their views on the government, and their way was peaceful.

Last question: The Biden administration, ignoring the looting of France and biting America’s democratic allies like gnats, speaks clearly and forcefully to China, Russia and Iran about the looting that should shake us as Americans. Why is it so difficult to And the security partner is Israel?

Shoshana Bryan is senior director of the Center for Jewish Policy and editor of the quarterly magazine inFOCUS.

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