SHOSHANA BRYEN: Biden’s Antisemitism Plan Should Take A Leaf Out Of George Washington’s Book

Unfortunately necessary disclaimer: Yes, there was slavery before and during the founding of the country. No, slaves were not included as a nation. Yes, it was a founding sin in the United States as well as around the world. No, we weren’t perfect and we aren’t perfect. Yes, we have overcome major obstacles to national equality. No, we’re not done yet.

On August 17, 1790, Moses Seishas, ​​a merchant in the town of Newport, Rhode Island, and an employee of the Jewish Society Yeshuat Israel, wrote: Letter to President George Washington.

The letter was likely submitted to Washington the day after various religious leaders provided letters to Washington, according to the National Archives. Seishas, ​​a Sephardic Jew, wrote in part:

“Historically we have been deprived of the irreplaceable rights of free citizens, but now we are witnessing…a government set up by His Majesty the People…to give all people freedom of conscience and citizenship. Generous exemption of powers, and regards all men of all nations’, tongues, or languages ​​are equal parts of great governmental institutions. ”

Part of Washington’s response was:

“Tolerance is no longer spoken of as if one class of people were tolerant, and another class enjoyed the exercise of its own natural right, because, fortunately, the United States government For it provides no sanctions for prejudice and no support for persecution, but it is the people who live under the protection of the government who demean themselves as good citizens and who are criticized by the government in all circumstances. We are only asking to provide effective assistance.”

So why did the Biden administration take 60 pages to write the bill? US National Strategy Against Anti-Semitism? Because it is the product of bureaucracy and political head counting and subgroup control.?Washington (and Sexius) saw everyone as a citizen “regardless of country, language, language” (See disclaimer above)), the current administration feels the need to label every person, every group, and every political persuasion as positive or negative.

Biden’s report reduced Jews to canaries in the mines, stating that “those who express hatred of Jews are criticized for their actual or perceived religion, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, They often harbor other prejudices based on their gender or gender identity.” The report found that anti-Semites “frequently use anti-Black, anti-LGBTQI+ themes…Jewish targets include women, Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, AANPIs, LGBTQ+ Americans , and many other communities as well,” he added.

Or not. Alternatively, members of other minority groups may themselves target Jews. This explains one sentence in the report, “Jews feel that anti-Semitism is ignored, disrespected, or not taken as seriously as other forms of hatred and prejudice.”

The report is also a blueprint for government intervention and massive federal spending. His two of its “four pillars” are:

  • Raise awareness and understanding of anti-Semitism, including threats to America, and broaden awareness of Jewish-American heritage
  • Building collective action to counter solidarity and hatred among communities

The former is terrifying because while most people are aware of the Jewish, Judaic, and Israeli connection, it is confined to the domestic world only. The report ignores the links between Zionism and domestic anti-Semitism, in particular Designate a separate category for the State Department: “Anti-Israelism.”

The latter is what happens when anti-Zionists, including Al Sharpton, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, and Linda Sarsour, attack anti-Zionists. al. Introduced to shape processes and outcomes.

When we confront antisemitism, we deeply respect our democratic traditions, including freedom of expression and speech protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

So you can say whatever you want about Jews and Israel. Just put it in the right words. CAIR itself said the strategy “should not be used to confuse prejudice with human rights activities, including the defense of Palestinian freedom and human rights.”

Finally, give the administration one point each for Israel.

we too [confront antisemitism] We have an unwavering commitment to the right to exist of the State of Israel, its legitimacy and its security.

“Israel’s right to exist” is a technical term and not part of the State Department terminology for France, Chile or Azerbaijan. The addition of the words “legitimateness” and “security” correctly synchronizes with UN Resolution 242 and Israel’s “right to exist within a safe and recognized boundary free from threat or force”.

But if the Biden administration had started where Washington left off, it would have been a better document with fewer words.

“May the descendants of Abraham who live in this land continue to benefit and enjoy the goodwill of the other inhabitants. There is nothing to fear.”

Shoshana Bryan is senior director of the Center for Jewish Policy and editor of the quarterly inFOCUS.

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