SHOSHANA BRYEN: Here Are Some the Insane Things You May Have Missed At 2023’s UN General Assembly

In short, if you missed the United Nations General Assembly (GA), check out what you missed here. A series of exhausting, frustrating, infuriating, infuriating, infuriating, and epidemic-inducing speeches. (A thesaurus is helpful here.)

Ebrahim Raisi, a Tehran butcher and soon-to-be president of the UN Human Rights Council, which is recognized by the UN itself and dozens of other countries, spoke out, and (almost) no one seemed to care. (Details below). Only one leader of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council attended, showing how futile they believe the September meeting will be.

This is also a reminder of the possibility that China’s Xi Jinping may participate. Trouble at home – A slow or non-existent economic recovery, a growing anti-China consensus in the West, troubles within the military ranks (the Chinese ambassador to Washington was fired last week), and ongoing demographic trends. Food supply problems are unlikely to improve.

President Vladimir Putin did not appear, the ICC said in a statement. indicted for war crimes I’m against him. France and Britain have domestic problems, and while they’re not as convincing as Mr. Xi or Mr. Putin, they are a reasonable excuse to skip a transatlantic plane ride or puke in Turtle Bay.

But something else was faintly visible, mainly outside the building.

“The UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs condemned the issue. statement The Palestinian president spoke about the Jewish community and the Holocaust during a meeting with representatives of Jewish organizations in New York. al arabiya In English – interestingly, rather than quoting Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed’s rejection, it repeated President Abbas’s barbaric and pro-Nazi slurs about the Holocaust. I don’t care. Bravo Sheikh Bin Zayed.

Bravo also to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Ben Salman (MBS) for reiterating his interest in a broadly prosperous and peaceful Middle East while ignoring the issue of Palestinian statehood. Also.

“Responding to the needs of the Palestinian people” is not the same as establishing statehood and, in fact, could be interpreted as a slap in the face to PA strongman Mahmoud Abbas. And, as Saudi analyst Amjad Taha put it, “Let’s admit what we heard last night…it was a historic moment…that MBS said negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Israel are continuing. The fact that he disclosed this to FOX News is… significant.” Yes. that’s right.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu not only held private talks with President Joe Biden, but also engaged in a clearly productive dialogue with a man who has undermined Israel’s democratically elected government on all fronts. At the same time, he reaffirmed Bibi’s diplomatic qualities.

President Biden himself asserted America’s leadership, particularly in the Third World, and emphasized women’s rights. Women in Afghanistan and Iran were probably crying. The rest of the speech, with the exception of the part about spending American taxpayer money everywhere but the United States, emphasized climate change and Ukraine, with no clear achievable goals or plans for either. .

In response, Raisi openly rejected U.S. leadership, extolled the Islamic Republic’s social interests, and threatened Iran.justice” against the Americans responsible for the death of Revolutionary Guards terrorist Qassem Soleimani. The American representative sat quietly and took notes.

Not Israel.

Perhaps the most positive moment within the GA was when Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan defended the honor of the rest of the world by parading around the venue with a photo of Martha Amini during Raisi’s speech. Ta.

He was “escorted” by security guards, but nothing erased his unique humanity. And strangely, when Prime Minister Netanyahu called for “blanket sanctions” against Iran and said Israel would do everything in its power to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, he received applause within the GA.

OTOH, as the kids say, King Abdullah II of Jordan uttered abusive language He spoke of Israel’s occupation of “5 million Palestinians” and ridiculed the lie that Israel was committing “genocide” in the region.

He also ignored Jordan’s illegal occupation of these people, saying that the Jordanian army and other forces have killed thousands of Palestinians and expelled thousands of fighters to Lebanon, where they replaced Iran. Ignoring the “Black September” that took part in the Lebanese civil war and ongoing debris clearance.

President Abbas, the dictator of Pennsylvania, told attendees that Jerusalem’s Western Wall and Temple Mount “are exclusively Islamic holy sites, including the Bab al-Rahma Shrine and the Burak Wall (Western Wall).” (according to a League of Nations report). 1930. ” Demanded “apology, compensation, and compensation” from the United States and Britain regarding the Balfour Declaration.

Hmm, hmm. Another day, another multi-billion dollar spectacle/failure for the cesspool that is the United Nations General Assembly.

I didn’t miss much.

Shoshana Bryan is senior director of the Jewish Policy Center and editor of the inFOCUS quarterly.

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