SHOSHANA BRYEN: Here’s What Really Lies Behind The Biden Admin’s Icy Israel Relationship

It was never about Israeli justice.

How do I know? First, the Biden administration, and left-leaning Democrats in general, support their position in Israel, so they oppose it in the United States.

Having considered stacking the U.S. Supreme Court to undermine the powers of Republican-appointed judges, they found themselves pushing the Israeli Supreme Court without any restraints. Israel does not have a constitution by which courts can adjudicate laws passed in the Knesset, nor is a case required to raise legal questions.

Most recently, a court ruled that the appointment of certain ministers within the government was “highly unreasonable.”

Second, no one in government, or in the Capitol, realizes that the violent protests that are destroying France from end to end beyond retirement age pose a threat to French democracy. bottom.

of wailing and moaning Criticism from the Biden administration about Israeli democracy boils down to the fact that Israeli voters chose the “wrong” political party in a free, fair and democratic election in which 71% of voters voted. It was nothing more than a quiver. lead the Knesset. The Israelis voted center left to left and center right to right.

it happens. In Israel, it tends to happen when voters feel physically threatened. Hamas Rocket War in 2021, Palestinian Terrorism on the Rise, Illegal Gun Infiltration into Arab Townships in Israel, Some Agitators Fueling Civil War Among Israelis Turn to Political Parties with Less Threat Tolerance produced a not unreasonable change of direction.

that’s it.

But for the administration, it was a slap in the face. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had a terrible relationship with then-Vice President Biden’s boss, President Barack Obama, based on two policy issues. The feasibility/validity of a Palestinian state. And how to deal with a dictatorship that builds conventional and nuclear capabilities aimed at Israel in the first place.

The Biden administration is focused on exactly these two issues. Israel’s right-to-centre is not an acceptable partner. It goes without saying that the return of Netanyahu is the return of Mephistopheles.

The unacceptability of the Palestinian state in the current context, and the constant threat Iran poses with terrorists, conventional weapons, and nuclear weapons, are two things agreed upon by the current and previous Israeli administrations, so this is an Israeli context. works strangely.

As for Iran, there is simply no sunlight. As for the Palestinians, focusing on the Abraham Accords was a way of making progress in the region while waiting to see if the Palestinians could be partners. Also, alliances with Sunni Arab countries in the Abraham Accords have brought some balance and stability to Iran.

The Biden administration has never been more than lukewarm with the Abraham Accords and has expended a tremendous amount of effort to undermine it. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Israel.

But seeing thousands of Israelis protesting against the government, ostensibly about judicial reform, but with many other “causes” mixed in, the regime is looking for other ways to shake Jerusalem. And it has done so with statements from the U.S. Ambassador, the Secretary of State, the President’s National Security Advisor, the Democrats in the Capitol, and the President himself.

They paid no heed to the more than 100,000 demonstrators marching in Jerusalem for judicial reform.

Faced with the domestic situation, the prime minister did what democratic leaders often do. compromised. Israel’s President Herzog — who doesn’t have nearly the same kind of power as the American president, but has more moral turmoil — follows the continuum Left-Center-Left-Center-Center-Right-Right. I am coordinating the conversation that crosses.

Israelis are settling in to watch the government negotiate the parameters of judicial reform, this is a purely domestic consideration, waiting for the Passover holiday, but the Biden administration has is still attacking the democratic allies it has in the Middle East.

The United States has gratuitously announced that Israel has not met its demands. US Visa Waiver ProgramAlso, NASA astrophysicists were forced to withdraw from a conference in Israel.

“my Travel authorization revoked said Amber Straw. According to Haaretz, Straugh told organizers of the Israel Physical Society’s annual meeting that he had been instructed by the State Department to cancel his attendance, including the keynote address.

Clearly, judicial reform has been nothing more than a quiver of nasty US administrations seeking revenge for the Obama-Netanyahu rift and restoring Obama’s failed policies towards Palestinians and Iran.

Shoshana Bryen is Senior Director of the Center for Jewish Policy and Editor of the inFOCUS Quarterly.

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