SHOSHANA BRYEN: How Did The Masses Organize Anti-Israel Protests So Quickly?

Talking about National Socialists and Communists is complicated. But sometimes you have to. This is one of those times.

Have you ever wondered how the masses at the crossroads organized anti-Israel demonstrations so quickly after the October 7 massacre and kidnapping of Israel by Hamas? Tens of thousands of people on university campuses in the northeastern United States, in large cities in the east, in London and Paris, were in full-throttle anger against Israel even before the retaliation began.

They’ve been working on it for a while.

One explanation is in a thin book. “Israel’s Trial” Written by George Gilder. In a book written in 2009, Gilder argues that feminist and gender/sexuality radicals, black radicals, white radicals, and Islamic extremists are all tied together in a communist ideology. He described the “transversal” movement (which was not called that at the time). And the Nazis are both extremists and socialists by definition.

Given the impoverished Palestinian society and its obsession with social “disparities” between groups, that is, disparities in income, power, achievement, and status, both anti-capitalists and anti-Semites see Israel as a free country and a wealthy country. I find it easier to see it as a nation rather than its creator. perpetrator of the gap.

The same goes for the US.

Mr. Gilder, an avid capitalist, starts from there.

Capitalism succeeds by increasing resources and allowing those resources and their derivatives to spread through the population. The government does not increase resources. They collect them in the form of taxes and redistribute them. “If the government had been a good investor, the Soviet bloc would have been an economic triumph rather than an economic and environmental disaster. China would have prospered under Mao Zedong,” Gilder said. To tell.

Jews are the embodiment of what Mr. Gilder calls “the most cherished dreams of the 20th century left: to imagine a democracy without legal systems or property rights that would reconcile democracy and socialism and overcome the ups and downs of economic freedom and elections.” It is.

Stalinists and Nazis versus capitalist entrepreneurs. On one side are radical Arabs, feminists, black and Latino activists, environmental warriors, “gap scholars” and other unfortunates. Jews on the one hand. To bring their supporters to the streets, the left simply needed to send a message to their compatriots to support Hamas supporters. fast.

Side question: What caused the once pro-Israel left to become so thoroughly anti-Israel and those previously friendly to Jews to become openly anti-Semitic? Same answer.

Israel’s transformation from European socialism to high-tech prosperity was fueled by capitalist entrepreneurship, fueled by tens of thousands of Russian immigrants determined to do what communist Russia could not: build, create, and sell in Israel. promoted by the families. As Israel ceased to be a socialist dream and the Jews who survived the Holocaust became more politically and economically powerful, it lost its right to left-wing sympathies.

This space quickly filled up with Palestinians, despite the fact that Palestinian poverty is not Israel’s fault (see differences in poverty statistics for Palestinians outside Israel and the situation of Arab Israeli citizens). And much of the leftist ideology is anathema to Palestinian radicals, and much of the Palestinian law (in the West Bank and Gaza) would be anathema if the left knew it.

For the left, old anti-Semitic tropes have been reawakened. Jews were stealing from poor Arabs. “Israeli apartheid”. No other explanation was necessary. And, according to Gilder, it was “a license to strip and kill oppressors and disrupt the capitalist economy… (and) no capitalist system thrives on constant violence.” There, both Hamas (and others) and the Western left find justification for suicide bombings, indiscriminate rocket attacks, massacres, and kidnappings. “Israel brought it upon itself.”

And what about the Nazis? Cooperation between Arabs and Nazis is an old story. And when Israel raided Yasser Arafat’s camp in Lebanon in 2006, it received a large supply of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, written in Arabic. Hitler’s anti-Semitism was an amalgamation of his beliefs in the racial inferiority of Jews and Masonic conspiracies, and his fundamental belief in the value of land and blood over the creative efforts of capitalism. It was a combination of beliefs.

Referring to Zionism, Hitler wrote: “They have no intention of creating a Jewish state in Palestine and living there. Their real objective is to establish a central organization for international fraud and fraud.”

Jews as avatars again. Gilder:

Jews who gain power by winning economic competition, and groups who gain power through blood sacrifice, are in a perpetual and always ultimately violent struggle for survival. It is the division between those who imagine that humans can manipulate nature and create new things under conditions of peace, and those who believe that the greatest achievements come from unity and sacrifice in war…Hitler said: I have written. In this world where eternal conflict is the law of life, those who do not want to fight have no right to exist. ”

The “perpetual struggle” for the Palestinian leadership is to keep alive the dream of violently eradicating Israel. For their leftist “intersectional” allies, it’s a fight to erase capitalism.

This is Mr. Gilder’s “test.”

Israel is the linchpin, the axis, the litmus test, the test. Are you civilized or barbaric, life or death, wealth or envy? Are you a champion of excellence and accomplishment, or a creed that levels troglodytic fanaticism and hatred? ”

You get it now.

Shoshana Bryan is senior director of the Jewish Policy Center and editor of the inFOCUS quarterly.

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