SHOSHANA BRYEN: The World Doesn’t Need Joe Biden To Solve Its Problems

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has made a proposal to push forward with President Joe Biden’s awkward tripartite deal between the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel. “major concessions,” from Israel to Mahmoud Abbas, a powerful figure in the Palestinian Authority (PA). According to news source Axios, Blinken said Saudi Arabia needs to show the Arab/Muslim world what it has gained.important deliverables from Israel for the Palestinians in exchange for a normalization deal. “

The Biden administration has insisted on moving toward a Palestinian state before “rewarding” Israel and Saudi Arabia with US support. But the United States’ insistence on adding irrelevant Palestinian demands is likely to delay rather than advance the deal.

The beauty of the Abraham Accords is that they allow countries in the region to engage on the basis of their national interests without the benefit of a rebellious, terror-supporting PA. The Palestinians were invited to take their tables, but the Palestinians refused, so the Trump administration and its regional allies simply moved forward. But the Biden administration has put the issue of establishing a Palestinian state back in the foreground and is now “proxing” Saudi Arabia to bring Israeli concessions to Abbas. (Related: Brian Reeve: Biden Shouldn’t Be Involved In Israeli Business)

That is unlikely.

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (MbS) is not a cheerleader for the creation of a Palestinian state. wall street journal “Saudi officials dwindling patience To an uncompromising and divided Palestinian leadership with limited public support. ” By the time the Abraham Accords were signed in 2020, Arab funding for the PA 81.6% decrease.Saudi Arabia’s support rejected 77.2% According to the Pennsylvania Department of Treasury.

Moreover, Saudi Arabia has previously revealed a strong defense pact with the United States and its “artifact” of developing civilian nuclear weapons. And the kingdom has been private and profitable in many ways. Communication and cooperation with Israel For a while. Affinity Partners, owned by Jared Kushner, has $2 billion in backing from Saudi sovereign wealth funds. Investing $150 million Acquired shares in the automotive and credit businesses of the Israeli company Shlomo Group.

MbS flipped the script. He certainly appears to be addressing the Palestinian issue, but from the other side, pursuing Saudi interests.

Instead of presenting demands to Israel, according to Palestinian sourceswhen Prime Minister Abbas visited Saudi Arabia, MbS told him that the Kingdom was ready to provide “substantial assistance” as long as the PA maintained effective security throughout its territory.

that’s a problem. Prime Minister Abbas is not only at war with Israel, he is deeply in the throes of war. Palestinian civil war There, his PA, backed by Western and sometimes Sunni Arabs, is fighting Iranian armed and trained Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) a fight for Successor to Prime Minister Abbas.

In 2007, Hamas expelled Palestinians from Gaza, splitting the Palestinian liberation movement geographically. Israel made the first discovery in 2012. Iran’s Fazil-5 rocket in Gaza.Hamas is working in jerusalem This was before 2020 and well before the Hamas rocket war in 2021. Currently, Hamas and PIJ are infiltrating West Bank cities, due in part to the PA’s corruption and brutality against its own citizens. Weapons are also smuggled into the West Bank through Jordan, a Western ally that has become increasingly unstable under pressure from Iran. Iran’s proxy Hezbollah weapons smuggling Also Israeli Arab gangsters from Lebanon.

Mr. Abbas has no answers. He is 88 years old, ill and losing control of himself. He can only hope that Israel will defend its rule on the principle that PA is better than Iran, which means Scylla is better than Chalybdis. Israel agrees.Israeli invasion of the West Bank Jenin and Destruction by IDF lion’s den militia In Nablus they fought to maintain order. Israeli That includes denying Iran a foothold in Judea and Samaria. (Shoshana Brien: Can the US turn a historic rival into a partner?)

This is the highlight of MbS.

Israel is not Saudi Arabia’s enemy. The mullah regime in Tehran seeks to a) overthrow the Sunni government in the region, and b) eventually seize the holy sites of Mecca and Medina, now under Saudi control and protection, and eventually Jerusalem. and is threatening Saudi Arabia.

The demand that Mr. Abbas take control of security in the West Bank is a demand that Iran be expelled. This also explains suggestions that MbS plans to take a formal role in the Jerusalem Waqf, which manages Islam’s holy sites under Israeli security control.

Is there a viable trade here? Probably not, even if it depends on Mr. Abbas to regain security control of the West Bank territory. But if it means that Israel and Saudi Arabia might combine their political and economic power (military might be overkill) to stop Iran from taking over territory and Jordan, then… Aside from that, it’s going to be a big deal. Good idea, you might want to talk about something.

Shoshana Bryan is senior director of the Center for Jewish Policy and editor of the quarterly inFOCUS.

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