Smuggling the abortion pill into Texas could land you in legal peril, if this bill becomes law

A new bill introduced in the Texas legislature aims to hold drug manufacturers and distributors accountable for abortions or deaths caused by abortion pills.

Under the Unlawful Death Protection Act, any person (even outside of the State) who manufactures, sells, mails, distributes, transports, delivers, offers, or possesses mifepristone for the purpose of facilitating illegal abortions may: Responsible for the wrongful death of a Texas woman. and children.

Rep. Cole Hefner, who introduced the bill on March 10, said in a statement: “Corporations and smuggling networks are profiting from the savage deaths of children in utero and are harmed by taking these pills. “We must not allow them to escape direct responsibility for the wrongful death of a Texan simply because they live outside of Texas. I assure you that it will not happen.”

Mifepristone is the first of two drugs prescribed to women planning to abort the fetus. Abortion drugs are used in 54% of her abortions in the U.S., according to . Guttmacher Institute.

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Hefner said his bill was necessary to combat abortion drugs illegally trafficked into Texas.

In a statement, Republicans said, “We enacted groundbreaking life protection laws in Texas, but we must do more.” Abortion drug prescriptions are everywhere.”

A box of the drug mifepristone sits on a shelf at the West Alabama Women’s Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 16, 2022. Pills are used to terminate pregnancies. (AP Photo/Allen G. Breed, File)

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Under this law, anyone who facilitates wrongful death by abortion can face civil penalties of up to $5 million. The bill considers an aborted fetus a wrongful death.

Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of Susan B. Anthony ProLife America, told Fox News, “Abortion drugs are extremely dangerous for women and can lead to bleeding, the need for surgery and even death. “The Biden-Harris administration will not only address these health risks, but 500% increase in ER visits After the FDA approved mifepristone. “

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The Texas Capitol, where the Wrongful Death Protection Act was introduced earlier this month.

The Texas Capitol, where the Wrongful Death Protection Act was introduced earlier this month. (Photo by Tamir Khalifa/Getty Images)

“In response to federal negligence, states like Texas are taking creative steps to protect fetuses, protect the health of women and girls, and hold abortion doctors accountable.” she added.


After Roe v. Wade was overthrown in June, Texas’ trigger law went into effect, prohibiting abortions in the state except in limited cases where the mother’s life could be endangered. has become illegal.

Texas’s abortion laws are among the strictest in the country, and some Texas women have cross-state abortions.

Neither Cole nor Planned Parenthood responded to requests for comment.

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