SNL’s George Santos bids farewell to Congress through musical number in cold open

The latest episode of “Saturday Night Live” poked fun at former Rep. George Santos (RN.Y.), who was ousted from Congress on Friday, with a mock news conference and a musical number.

The cold open begins with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, played by Sarah Sherman, announcing that there will be a breaking news conference from the Capitol. The scene cuts to Bowen Yang, who plays Santos, who calls a press conference immediately after the expulsion vote.

“This entire country has bullied me just because I’m a proud gay thief,” Yang said.

Yang cited the House Ethics Committee’s investigation into Santos last month, which found that Santos “blatantly stole from his campaign” and “deceived donors into making contributions to his campaign.” “We found out that the payment was actually for personal gain, even though we had given them what we thought they would have given us.” ” Mr. Santos also pleaded not guilty to 23 criminal charges for allegedly misleading donors, illegally receiving unemployment benefits, and charging donors’ credit cards without their permission.

The House of Representatives voted 311-114-2 on Friday to expel Santos.

When Fake Santos calls a reporter, he asks for his bank phone number, his mother’s maiden name, and the name of his childhood pet.

Asked what he thought about the House’s move to oust him, he stressed that he didn’t need Congress anyway.

“Parliament is shit, but we don’t need Congress anyway. My new movie is coming out this weekend and it’s called ‘Renaissance: The Beyoncé Movie.'”

At one point, the impersonator Santos compares himself to the late Princess Diana and actress Marilyn Monroe, before announcing that he wants to sing a “tribute” to himself. The scene then cuts to Yang singing a parody of “Candle in the Wind” at the piano.

“I feel like I’ve been living my life like a scandal blowing in the wind / When the law came close, I never knew who to hold on to,” Yang sings.

“I feel like I’ve been living my life like an evil Forrest Gump/I’m the guy who told too many lies for Donald Trump,” Yang continues.

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