SNY Mets crew gives unceremonious sendoff to Angel Hernandez

Baseball fans seemed to celebrate umpire Angel Hernandez’s retirement with gusto, and SNY’s Mets broadcast team even covered the event during Wednesday’s Mets-Dodgers game.

Returning from a break in the bottom of the second inning, Gary Cohen commented on Hernandez’s retirement and mocked how disliked he was throughout baseball.

“There’s no one left who can kick Angel Hernandez,” Cohen said.

Analyst Ron Darling countered: “We didn’t really kick him off, did we?”

Cohen replied that everyone thinks so.

“Is he going to give the ‘Checkers speech’?” Keith Hernandez interjected, drawing a chuckle from Cohen.

The comment was a reference to then-Senator Richard Nixon’s 1952 speech in which he denied any misuse of political funds, in which he also mentioned his pet dog, Checkers.

The former umpire announced his retirement in a statement Monday night after USA Today broke the news of his retirement.

Angel Hernandez announced his retirement this week. AP

The much-criticized Hernandez cited a desire to spend more time with his family as his reason for stepping down after a 33-year career as an umpire.

Hernandez is often viewed by fans, players and media as one of the worst umpires in baseball and has not worked a game since May 9.

“I’ve never seen a bigger reaction to an umpire’s retirement than the announcement that Angel Hernandez was retiring from umpiring,” Cohen said on Wednesday’s broadcast. “I mean, there’s a lot of umpires out there that aren’t very good. He’s just one of them.”

Gary Cohen and Ron Darling shared their thoughts on Angel Hernandez.
Gary Cohen and Ron Darling shared their thoughts on Angel Hernandez. AP

Hernandez has his fair share of detractors, but he received some support from former referee Joe West during an appearance on “670 The Score” in Chicago on Tuesday.

“Believe it or not, he was good at it,” West said on “The Perkins & Spiegel Show.”

West said the criticism of Hernandez over the years was unfair, adding that his critics “don’t know what they’re talking about.”