soaring gold prices & latest CPI report mean for YOUR WALLET

The price of gold has increased significantly. In fact, we just hit an all-time high, but is this a good sign for the economy?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

When Glenn Beck spoke to a gold expert, he said: “Do you realize how crazy the world is when gold costs $3,000 an ounce?”

At this point, “over $2,400” means we are quickly heading towards the edge of insanity.

But the bad news doesn’t end there.

The CPI report for March has just been released, and it once again shows that inflation has risen faster than expected.

Of course, the Biden administration continues to lie that inflation is falling.

For example, “fuel is not inflated right now,” Glenn says, “but look at the price of fuel.”

Financial expert Carol Ross said: [from the White House] It’s trash. ”

Not only are fewer people responding to data collection surveys, likely skewing the results, but “data manipulation” is also taking place, “to the extent that we haven’t seen it in a long time.” Ross says.

For example, one recent report shows that “gasoline prices fell 3.6% this month.” However, “If we do not make seasonal adjustments, [the data]That would have led to a 6.3% rise. ”

“That’s a really big swing,” Ross tells Glenn.

“He doesn’t mention inflation. Biden is spending more,” Glenn added, noting that the president is “again accepting more debt.” [and] They’re trying to force people into their homes. ”

Ross agreed, adding:you should do not have The deficit continues to increase. ”

“Everything this administration has done is a barrier to your ability to maintain your wealth and purchasing power.”

If you want to learn more about how gold prices and the latest CPI report affect individuals like you, watch the clip below.

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