Social Media Censorship Destroying Evidence of War Crimes

AI-powered censorship regimes on social media platforms are reportedly hiding evidence of war crimes, according to the BBC.

Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are said to be removing videos of war crimes in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere, even if they do not violate their terms of service.

Since the election of President Donald Trump in 2016, tech giants have introduced massive censorship regimes in an attempt to appease progressives, developing algorithms that can rip content from their sites in minutes if it’s undesirable. there is

according to report But according to the BBC, such algorithms are now jeopardizing war crimes investigations, with graphic footage depicting human rights abuses and dead civilians being dumped on online platforms without even archived copies being preserved. immediately deleted from

While many companies in the sector ostensibly have policies allowing the posting of graphic content that is in the public interest, the British broadcaster claims there have been repeated problems with test uploads of footage online. ing.

In one instance, the group’s journalists attempted to upload four separate videos depicting evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine to both Instagram and YouTube to a “dummy” account.

Instagram reportedly deleted 3 of the 4 videos within 1 minute, and Youtube reportedly deleted all 4 within 10.

Such rapid and comprehensive censorship could jeopardize war crimes investigations, with the media removing social media footage allegedly depicting the aftermath of Syrian government bombings of civilians. seems to have been erased from existence.

The alleged war crimes footage was reportedly recorded by a local TV station and then uploaded to YouTube and Facebook.

The TV station then lost the footage to further bombings, and an American social media company is said to have left the only copy of the footage.

However, the BBC now says such footage has been removed from both social media websites.

The broadcaster has also suggested that the removal of such alleged war crimes footage could jeopardize asylum applications in Europe, and the removal of such footage would be a significant step up in online censorship. It seems likely that this is an unintended consequence of

Strongly pushed by progressives in positions of public and private power, attempts to clean the internet of “disinformation” have only grown in recent years, and the European Union announced in August that it would adopt even stricter language. It is preparing to introduce new laws to enforce controls.

But resistance to such movements has grown, with Elon Musk’s Twitter pulling out of the block’s self-imposed online censorship program last week, much to the dismay of the city of Brussels.

Nevertheless, Eurocrat claims it will expel the platform if it chooses to reject future censorship demands, with one heavyweight telling the platform that it can “do” but ” You can’t hide,” he said.

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