Soup kitchen installs 24-hour Narcan stand to combat massive spike in opioid deaths

A soup kitchen in Saginaw County, Michigan, worked with a local nonprofit to set up an outdoor 24/7 Nalkan stand.

WNEM reported on a new Narcan stand offering a brand-name version of Naxolone, a drug that rapidly reverses overdoses by blocking the action of opioids.

East Side Soup Kitchen worked in partnership with the TEN16 Recovery Network, a non-profit organization that provides addiction treatment and recovery support services throughout central Michigan.

The stand is reportedly next door to another food vendor called Blessing Barn, which offers preserved food when soup kitchens are closed.

according to Michigan State Government, The number of annual deaths from opioids in the state has skyrocketed over the past two decades. In 2000, Michigan had just 183 opioid-related deaths, but by 2017 that number had ballooned to 1,941. Over the same period, the total number of deaths from overdose increased from 581 he to 2,729.

a narkan vending machine recently opened in Brooklyn, New York and is reported to be a success. The machine was installed in early June 2022 and has dispensed more than 100 Narkan kits in just one week of operation, according to CBS News. Medical supplies are being replenished daily, the report said.

“We all know people who would be alive today if machines like this existed,” said Chief Strategy Officer Rebecca Lynn Walton. Services for underserved peoplea company that attempts to find housing for the homeless.

“People who did not have free and easy access to Narcan died from infections because they did not receive free wound care, or who ultimately died from infections because they did not have easy access to Narcan due to an overdose. Are you working with us,” she added.

A team of YouTubers helped a public rescue effort for an opioid overdose victim in a San Francisco apartment a few days ago.

A crew cameraman helped administer CPR to a woman who was barely breathing, and two moderators called emergency responders. Firefighters arrived at the scene, administered Narcan to the person, and put him in an ambulance.

The San Francisco Fire Department, which was contacted to confirm the facts of the incident, told TheBlaze that it had received four overdose emergency calls at the same facility in the last week alone.

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