South Africa Urges UN Court To Order Gaza Ceasefire, Halt Israel’s Rafah Operation

Israel continues to attack Rafah despite ‘explicit warnings’

The Hague:

South Africa will ask the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to order Israel to halt its attack on Rafah as part of a lawsuit accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians, Al Jazeera reported on Thursday. I requested that.

South Africa, which filed a lawsuit in January over Israel’s war in Gaza, said the attack on Rafah, a city in the southern Gaza Strip where more than 1 million displaced Palestinians had taken refuge from Israeli attacks on other parts of the Strip. We are calling for additional emergency measures. enclave.

The paper told a court in The Hague on Thursday that the Palestinian people were facing “ongoing extermination” and that the attack on Rafah was “part of the final stage of Gaza’s complete destruction.”

South African lawyer Thembeka Ncukaitobi said Israel was continuing to attack Rafah despite “explicit warnings” that it could have “genocidal” consequences.

Al Jazeera reported that Israel has rejected South Africa’s claims that it is violating the 1949 Genocide Convention as baseless and will respond on Friday.

Minutes before the court hearing began, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said the widely criticized operation in Rafah “will continue as additional forces enter the area.”

Rafah is a small, overcrowded city with hundreds of thousands of Palestinians sheltering in tents, facing a rapid spread of disease and severe shortages of food and clean water. Al Jazeera reports that the only hospital in the area has closed, leaving only a small facility that is completely overwhelmed.

ICJ judges have previously announced interim measures and ordered Israel to take steps to limit humanitarian suffering in Gaza.

Among its provisions is the provision of basic food without delay to Palestinians in Gaza, where all Palestinians are suffering from severe hunger, some even facing starvation, as a result of Israel’s total siege. This included ensuring that Israel could reach them.

Earlier this month, Israeli forces seized control and sealed off the Palestinian side of the Rafah border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, a key entry point for humanitarian aid. Aid agencies have warned that the closure is severely disrupting operations.

“If Rafah falls, so will Gaza,” South Africa said in a written submission to the court, as Gaza is a major humanitarian hub.

Adira Hashim, a lawyer, said: “Obstructing humanitarian aid is nothing more than the deliberate taking of Palestinian lives. It’s starvation, bordering on starvation.”

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