South Carolina Will No Longer Invest in Disney, Cites Company’s Embrace of Far-Left Activism

South Carolina will no longer invest in the Walt Disney Company, with the state's treasurer saying Disney has “abandoned its fiduciary responsibility to its investors and customers” by embracing far-left activities.

The announcement was made by South Carolina State Treasurer Curtis Loftis. press release The state announced Tuesday that it had removed Disney from its list of approved investments.

The State Treasurer's portfolio currently includes $105 million in Disney bonds that will mature on schedule and will not be replaced, according to the release.

In the announcement, Loftis said that by joining far-left activists who “boycott legitimate, tax-paying, job-creating businesses to further Disney's political objectives,” and abdicated its fiduciary responsibility to its customers.”

Loftis did not mention the company by name, but Disney recently joined Elon Musk's growing ad boycott of X (formerly Twitter).

“Billion-dollar companies should not participate in boycotts aimed at silencing legitimate debate,” Loftis said. “Free speech has been one of America's core principles since its founding, and Disney should not engage in outrageous acts aimed at silencing those without power and resources.”

Disney is also trying to override the will of Florida voters by fighting to repeal the state's Parental Rights in Education law, which prohibits the indoctrination of radical gender and LGBTQ ideology into public school students. .

The South Carolina announcement comes as Disney seeks to establish roots in its more left-leaning neighbor upstate. e
Disney announced Wednesday that it will build a residential community in North Carolina under the “Story Living by Disney” brand. The new district named “Asteria” lorry, durham and chapel hill.

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