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‘South Park’ mocks Lizzo and body positivity movement

While most television shows now cater to the “woke” community, “South Park” is one of the few that has maintained its popularity.

In the recently released episode “The End of Obesity,” the creators poke fun at the new Ozempic weight loss craze and Lizzo, the face of the body positivity movement.

In one scene, Stan’s mother, Sharon Marsh, tells a friend that he was embarrassed about not being able to get Ozempic to help him lose weight.

“Sheila, this new medicine is amazing. I used to feel so embarrassed because Randy was always going out and working out and not eating much, but I just don’t have the willpower he has,” Sharon told her friend Sheila.

“For those of us who can’t afford Ozempic or Monhalo, there’s a brand new obesity treatment. Lizzo has helped me curb all my desire to be thin!” Sharon exclaims, before a pharmaceutical commercial for “Lizzo” begins.

“Rizo is FDA-approved and will help you feel good about your weight—and it’s 90% less than Ozempic,” the commercial begins. “I lowered my standards and expectations,” Sharon exclaims gleefully.

“In case studies, 70% of patients who listened to Lizzo stopped worrying about their weight. Lizzo helps them eat what they want while minimizing exercise. Some patients report that listening to Lizzo makes them constipated. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, stop listening to Lizzo,” the commercial continues.

Lizzo responded to the show on a livestream, saying, “I guess I am that kind of bitch. I am that kind of bitch. I showed the world that I love myself and don’t care enough that some guys from Colorado found me and put me in a comic that’s been running for 25 years.”

Dave Rubin is excited, noting that “South Park” is ahead in almost every way.

“Right now, there’s this whole body positivity movement going on, and being healthy is considered white supremacy or whatever,” Rubin said, telling athlete Riley Gaines that her generation now subscribes to the “big is beautiful” mentality.

“I think she took it as a compliment,” Gaines told Rubin, “but we see this every day, this celebration of all that is immoral, all that is evil, all that is unhealthy. We’ve seen this for the last few years, and now the mask has come off.”

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