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Southern Baptists Pass Resolution Opposing ‘Christianity as the State Religion’ in America

Last week, emissaries from the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution opposing “any attempt to establish an official religion” in the United States or any country, addressing the ongoing debate within conservative circles over religious freedom and Christian nationalism. of SolutionThe report, simply titled “In Defense of Religious Freedom,” does not address Christian nationalism but does take a position against the stance taken by some of its proponents.

“[W]The resolution states that “we oppose any attempt to establish an official religion of any nation, including the United States of America.” [W]”We oppose any attempt to use the people and churches of the Southern Baptist Convention to establish Christianity as the official religion of the United States of America.”

The resolution states that Southern Baptists “reject the notion that God has commanded the nation to establish any religion or denomination” and “reject government coercion or imposition of religious belief, including blasphemy laws.”

“[W]”We oppose any suggestion that we should abandon our historic, God-given hallmark of religious freedom and adopt a state-mandated religion,” the statement said.

The resolution was passed by a vote after about 30 minutes of discussion. Baptist News.

“Baptists have historically maintained that nothing is truly neutral in the public sphere and have promoted active and comprehensive participation in society that should reflect biblical values ​​outlined in Article 15 of the Baptist Faith and Message, ‘Christianity and Social Order,'” the document states.

“…our Christian witness is better protected by the separation of church and state, and Scripture and history show that true revival comes through the Spirit of God through fervent prayer, evangelism, and biblical discipleship.”

The resolution states that God “has given all men religious freedom” and that in the denomination’s Baptist Faith and Message, “God alone is the Lord of the conscience” and that “as national government is ordained of God, it is the duty of Christians to faithfully obey it in all things, except as is contrary to His revealed will.”

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Michael Faust He has covered the intersection of faith and news for 20 years, and his work has appeared in Baptist Press, Christianity Today, Christian Post, Leaf Chronicle, Toronto Star and Knoxville News Sentinel.