Special Counsel Crossed ‘Red Line’ at Grand Jury

Timothy Parratore, who until recently served as a criminal defense attorney for former President Donald Trump, said Wednesday that the special counsel investigating Trump had crossed a “red line” with the grand jury.

Parratore, who was called to testify before a grand jury by the Jack Smith Special Counsel team in Florida, said: Said CBS News reported that prosecutors asked him inappropriate questions that violated attorney-client privileges.

Parlatore said [Catherine] Mr. Herridge was “stunned” when questioned by prosecutors during his pre-trial testimony to the grand jury on issues he claimed were protected by attorney-client privilege, but this was a legal “overpass.” He claimed that he believed it was an inappropriate interrogation that crossed the line that should not be done. ”

Trump’s legal team has been unhappy with how Justice Department officials have handled attorney-client matters in recent months, according to two people familiar with the investigation. It expressed concern to Justice Department officials and Mr. Smith himself.

In a statement after his testimony, he said, “It is clear that the government has not acted properly and that there have been some inappropriate attempts to infringe on its privileges, and in my opinion there have been several attempts against the state. made a materially false statement.” [grand] I believe this constitutes prosecutorial misconduct. ”

Attorney-client prerogatives may be requested by an attorney in a private setting, unless the correspondence is part of fraud or the cover-up of an ongoing or future crime, at least with the express and written consent of the client. Communications from a person to an attorney cannot be revealed. This privilege extends beyond the period the attorney is representing the client. Violation of privileges may be grounds for disqualification.

Paratore is said to have left Trump’s legal team over disagreements among his attorneys.

Other allegations of wrongdoing have also surfaced, including allegations that prosecutors dangled judge appointments from lawyers who were potential witnesses in an attempt to get them to cooperate with Trump.

Rumors have circulated that Trump could be indicted on charges related to handling classified documents while leaving the White House, possibly as early as Thursday. Mr Trump and his lawyers say Mr Trump has done nothing wrong and are victims of an unprecedented effort by the administration to prosecute, intimidate and defame the leading opposition candidates in the upcoming elections. claims to be.

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