Spicy New Yorkers say Detroit-style pizza will ‘never’ top city in battle for nation’s best

Having pepperoni and red chili peppers, this pie is spicy enough and topped with additional beef.

As Detroit-style pizza gains popularity across the country, die-hard New Yorkers are balking at the encroachment of thin-crust, foldable pizza. One local pie vendor even told the Post that the thick-crust Detroit style is “very trendy right now.” in the big apple.

“Who was in it? Not real New Yorkers!” Roberto, 36, of Brooklyn, said of the Detroit-style declaration of a new king.

Loyal New Yorkers eat authentic New York pizza outside Sal’s Pizzeria on East 14th Street. Brigid Stelzer

“Who wants to bite into a pile of dough? No way,” he lashed out at the Post outside New York-style standby Grimaldi’s.

“Personally, I think New York has better pepperoni slices than any other state,” said Carlos Gomez, 70, another supporter and lifelong New Yorker.

A third person ran off with a pizza in his hand, shouting, “New York Pizza forever baby!”

Detroit Pizza has taken hold across the United States and is starting to make waves in the five boroughs.

It is characterized by a chewy square pie baked to a crispy texture.

Instead of Detroit style, which involves first adding the toppings, then coating with cheese, and then finishing with the sauce, some traditionalists say You are committing what you might consider blasphemy.

“New Yorkers really like Detroit-style pizza, especially people who have grown up on New York-style pizza for a long time,” says Matthew Gose, an assistant at Emmy Squared on the Upper East Side. Restaurants located throughout the city.

Detroit-style pizza has made its way to New York in recent years, and some are claiming it’s America’s new favorite shutter stock

“It’s nice to change things up and have something comparable to the quality and taste you get from a slice in New York, but it’s a different style of pizza,” he said. “Every few years, a trendy food comes out. Vodka sauce is trendy right now, and I feel like Detroit pizza falls into that category. It’s very marketable. It’s a very beautiful pizza. . It’s very different from what you get in most places in New York.”

Nevertheless, while some New Yorkers admitted that “clean” Detroit pizza was at least tasty, many felt that the foreign style could not enhance their taste.

“Detroit pizza is becoming more and more my favorite. But as you can see, I’m here, right? I was born and raised in Brooklyn, so a New York cheese slice is all I need. !” said Leo Henry, 28, outside Grimaldi’s.

“I understand the hype around Detroit-style pizza, but would I vote for pizza over New York pizza? No, but I can certainly see how it approaches that,” said another. said.

However, some local residents deny the New York portion.

Pizzeria Elegante manager Anthony Varvara makes Sicilian pies.He said New York City cannot be “dethroned” Brigid Stelzer

“I’m from here, and I actually think New Haven has better pizza than New York and Detroit combined,” said Kate, a 30-year-old turncoat from Brooklyn.

“New Haven is number one for me because New York has lost its brick-oven feel and Detroit is too crunchy,” she added.

“Everyone says New York has collapsed. It tastes different, it doesn’t taste good,” said Lia, another North Korean defector. “If Detroit hasn’t changed, they’ve gotten better.”

But critics and “traitors” cannot shake the New York arrogance of others.

“I’m not intimidated by Detroit. We’re the best. You can’t dethrone New York,” said Anthony Varvara, owner of Elegante Pizzeria in Bay Ridge. “I’m not mad because we’re still the best.”

“We’re better than them and we’re better than Detroit,” declared AJ, manager of Sal’s Pizzeria on E14th Street. “They can’t take our throne. Aren’t you idiots?”

“The crown will remain in New York. It will never leave this city. They will never defeat us, never!”



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