Spokesman for Palestinian Islamic Jihad reveals terrorist organization’s propaganda playbook during interrogation

A spokesperson for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad group, the second largest terrorist organization in the Gaza Strip, shared important information during the meeting. 8 minute interrogation By Israeli military intelligence.

According to reports, Tariq Salami Osa Abu Shrouf, who was arrested last month at Gaza City’s al-Shifa Hospital, is being used by a US-designated terrorist organization to use Arabic and international media to explain what is happening in the Gaza Strip. He confessed that he was manipulating the media coverage. fox news digital.

Shroof also said that terrorists have used virtually all hospitals and many ambulances in Gaza during the ongoing battle with the Jewish state. At one point during the interrogation, the spokesperson reportedly said that the explosion that hit the Gaza Strip’s main hospital was not caused by Israel, as many international news organizations have claimed, but rather that it was a misfired PIJ rocket. He said that this was due to the

Shroof said that the terrorist organization’s leadership “fabricated the story about the Israeli attack on the hospital” as a way to exclude the organization’s involvement in this tragic incident. According to U.S. intelligence agencies, more than 100 people were killed in the explosion.

The spokesperson continued:[i]It’s true that this story is false, but we wanted to promote it,” he added, adding that the group’s communications department had been working with “special interests” and ” It added that it had made various decisions regarding “utilizing certain narratives.”

Shroof continued: “We relied on reports from international media outlets.”

Fox News Digital reported Simon Plosker, editorial director of Honest Reporting, an Israeli organization that monitors coverage of Israel in international media, as saying:[m]No doubt major international media outlets will not even mention the Islamic Jihad spokesperson’s revelations in their coverage. ”

“If they were to mention it, they would have to question the entire coverage of the conflict and how foreign media outlets have been manipulated or sophisticated terrorist propaganda operations at Israel’s expense. It will highlight whether they were willing to participate.”

As conflict continues in the Middle East, Israel may be preparing for an attack by Iran.

president joe biden reportedly asked Following an Israeli airstrike on Iran’s Damascus consulate in Syria on Friday, it was announced how likely Israel was to be attacked by Iran. The report said Iranian officials had publicly announced plans to attack Israel following the airstrike.

“I don’t want to touch on safe information, but my expectations are [is] Sooner or later,” Biden said.

“We are dedicated to the defense of Israel,” he added. “We support Israel. We will defend Israel and help defend Israel. And Iran will not succeed.”

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