Squires: When it comes to ‘Pride,’ a second Trump term would be more Lady MAGA than ‘Uganda Forever’

As June begins, millions of Christians who think only Donald Trump can stop “pride” from spreading across our culture may want to temper their expectations. unknown. The hope that the former president’s supporters will keep drag queens out of K-12 schools, Lady Maga Performance at the next inaugural ball.

Conservatives are at risk of falling victim to the “Obama effect,” a blind loyalty to political candidates who disrespect or abandon existing principles. President Trump’s Christian-based voters should look to the religious backbone of their Democratic predecessors to see their potential future.

Black Christians, among the left’s most socially conservative voters, experienced the Obama effect during the 44th president’s tenure. The black churches, even the more progressive ones, were largely unanimous in their belief that marriage was between one man and one woman. But once the first black president announced his support for same-sex marriage, the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. Obergefel Decision, megachurch preachers love TD Jakes It started sending signals that a shift was approaching.

number of black preachers last year Dobbs decision overturned Law vs Wade To threat “Marriage Equality” is proof that “Rainbow” is officially the new black man.

The reason is very simple. Because Barack Obama is a dynamic and inspirational figure to millions of supporters, many of whom watched his White House election in 2016. savior Clause. To his most loyal supporters, Obama was more than just a politician. He was God’s chosen one to usher in a new era of American leadership.

Donald Trump was to conservatives what Obama was to progressives.he ever likened To the Messiah and His Presence Shown crucified by his enemies. This doesn’t mean everyone who voted for Trump agrees with the cult of personality, but it’s safe to say that some do. And, as with Obama, the light from Trump’s halo can be blinding.

In 2016, President Trump said Caitlyn Jenner, formerly known as Bruce, could use any means. toilet He wanted to live in Trump Tower. The former Olympian, who identifies as transgender and Republican, responded: recording She herself walked into the women’s restroom at the iconic former president’s mansion on Fifth Avenue.

But Jenner voiced her frustration with Trump in 2017 after the Trump administration rescinded an Obama-era directive to schools supporting students to use bathrooms and changing rooms that match their chosen gender identity. expressed.Jenner reprimanded Trump by saying preliminary report his “promise to protect the LGBTQ community.”

So did Trump criticized In 2018 for not approving Pride Month in 2018 message If he takes office in 2019, he would go head-to-head with the Biden administration’s opposition to Uganda’s recently signed anti-gay law.

As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month and recognize the outstanding contributions LGBT people have made to our great nation, we live in dozens of countries around the world and punish individuals accordingly. Solidarity with the many LGBT people who have been arrested, jailed and even executed. about their sexual orientation. My administration has launched a global campaign to decriminalize homosexuality and calls on all nations to join us in this effort.

This message will set President Trump at odds with conservative Christians today He needs to win the Republican primary. Christian conservatives who feel he’s under attack by Target’s Pride apparel won’t be fans either. trump pride His old campaign website sold t-shirts for $24.

The same goes for the Log Cabin Republican event in Mar-a-Lago last December. The event included a celebration of the misnamed Marriage Respect Act. The law, signed by President Biden and endorsed by 39 Republicans in the House and 12 Republican senators, codifies a definition of marriage at odds with the majority of Trump’s evangelical supporters. Here’s how Politico characterized the festival:

The long-planned event to mark the conservative LGBTQ organization’s 45th anniversary included former ambassador Rick Grenell, Rep. Kat Kamack (R-Florida), and former State Department press secretary Morgan Ortagus. and other Republican celebrities attended and emceeded the night in feathered turquoise. The former Republican gubernatorial candidate from Lake Kari, Arizona in her gown was flooded with guests wanting to see her and have her picture taken.

But the biggest attraction was clearly Trump. He received a standing ovation for his fervent affirmation of gay rights, which is rarely heard in the Republican Party.

“We are fighting for the gay community and we are fighting hard,” said the former president and 2024 nominee. “Our movement has made incredible progress over the last few years with the help of so many people here tonight. The progress you guys have made here is unbelievable.”

The evidence for Trump’s turmoil on issues of sex, sexuality and gender identity is clear, but he’s not alone. The Bible makes it clear that no one can serve two masters. Because one will be loved and the other will be hated. This is especially true when one master is power, money, wealth and material possessions. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has benefited for decades from “mammontic conservatism.”

That’s why Trump, Mike Pence and Nikki Haley have all publicly criticized Gov. Ron DeSantis for fighting Disney.Haley said she’d be more than that gladly If the global media giant decides to withdraw from Florida, it will make South Carolina its new home.pence succeeded clear “American business is business.”

A slavish devotion to big business is how it has created the current pipeline, from tax cuts to top surgeries. The Republican Party needs to stop worshiping the golden idol of GDP to govern the corporation that is the tip of the scalpel that cuts off America’s children.

What does all this mean? This shows that conservatives, especially Christians, who believe that Trump’s second term in office will mark a strong principled stance on the pride movement, base their beliefs on aspirations and dreams. means. This is MAGA’s “hope and change”. It also reflects another feature of the “Obama effect”: the tendency of voters to impose their hopes, beliefs and values ​​on candidates who are driven more by realism than belief.

This does not mean that people should not vote for President Trump. It just means that the expectations they have, especially on issues of pride, are not grounded in reality. At best, they can hope to include staff who can effectively and persuasively win the president’s endorsement during a second Trump presidency. their values. It is certainly possible.President Trump has been a man of promises when it comes to appointing conservative justices to the Supreme Court, but now is the time to think clearly about the issues we face. today. Conservatives cannot afford to be blinded by the right’s embrace of the great rainbow of energy.

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