St. John’s law professor Will Murphy in bid to replace George Santos

A law professor at St. John’s University is looking to replace long island lawmaker George Santos, who lied in Congress and is scarred by scandal — he says he’s had enough.

“I want to restore honesty and integrity to government. I want to restore trust in government,” Democrat William Murphy, 39, told the Post as he announced his candidacy for Congress.

Murphy, who has taught law at St. John’s since 2012, lives in Farmingdale, a third congressional district represented by Santos, which occupies part of Nassau County and northeast Queens.

“Santos is a disgrace and must be resigned, removed from office, or replaced in some way at the ballot box,” Murphy said, adding that the first-term congressman “resigned because he betrayed the public’s trust.” should,” he added.

“What we don’t need is someone who can’t make a statement of truth if their life depends on it,” Murphy added.

“Speaker of the House[RepKevinMcCarthy(R-California)didn’thavethecouragetokickhimout[議員。ケビン・マッカーシー(共和党カリフォルニア州)は、彼を追い出す勇気がありませんでした。[RepKevinMcCarthy(R-California)didn’thavethecouragetokickhimout—eventhoughdoingsowouldkeeptheseatred”

William Murphy, a law professor at St. John’s University, has announced that he will run for disgraced New York Congressman George Santos in 2024.
William Murphy

Santos, 34, admitted to lying about his education, employment and family history and was treated as an outcast by fellow New York Republicans, most of whom asked him to resign.

He has also faced several criminal and ethics investigations regarding shady financial dealings, including questions regarding the funding of his campaign.

Concerned about losing seats in the 2024 presidential election due to high Democratic voter turnout, local Republican leaders warned that Santos would run for a second term and endorse another candidate for the Republican nomination. , declared its intention to abandon Santos. need to do it.

In his call for the Democratic nomination, Murphy vowed not to serve more than three terms if elected, and said he would not earn outside income or actively invest or trade in the stock market.

Murphy called Santos "dishonor" and he said "He betrayed the people's trust and should resign."
Murphy called Santos a “disgrace” and said he “betrayed the public trust and should resign”.
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File

Connor, the father of a 3-year-old boy, and his wife, Megan, are pregnant with their second son.

He said being a parent and his concerns about the current situation and America’s future are what drove him into politics.

Popular professor’s bid to replace Santos is making headlines at St. John’s Queens campus thanks to article posted in the student newspaper torch.

Murphy described himself as a moderate Long Island Democrat who leaned toward the middle.

“I am against racism. I also support law enforcement,” he said. “I believe in living, let me live, but I do not wake up.”

A postcard sent to Santos' district office in Douglaston, New York called for Santos' resignation.
A postcard sent to Santos’ district office in Douglaston, New York called for Santos’ resignation.
Reuters/Jonathan Ernst

Murphy isn’t afraid to question Democratic leadership.

For example, he has criticized President Biden’s border control policies, flooded with waves of immigrants from Mexico, and highlighted New York City’s shelter system.

“The Biden administration doesn’t know how to handle it. They don’t have a clear strategy on what to do with the border. They don’t have a clear strategy,” Murphy said.

Murphy said strong border enforcement is needed while also providing a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants who have entered the United States illegally but have lived here for years as productive residents. I support the law.

He acknowledged that this was a thorny issue and spontaneously said, “I don’t know what the solution is,” especially given Washington’s polarization over immigration.

Murphy sidestepped one of the most controversial issues of education, especially among Democrats. Charter Whether or not she supports the expansion of the school, her parents support her, but the powerful teachers’ union opposes.

He generally said there is a need for partnerships between parents and teachers to improve student learning.

As for other specific priorities, Murphy said he will fight to fully restore the State and Local Tax Credit (SALT). With deductibles limited to his $10,000 under former President Donald Trump, many Long Islanders can no longer write off high property taxes on their homes.

But Biden and Democrats didn’t raise the cap when they took control of both the House and Senate last year.

“It’s hurting families all over Long Island. It’s keeping young people away from Long Island,” Murphy said.

On foreign affairs, The Washington Post asked the House hopefully about a Gallup survey released last week, in which nationally self-aware Democrats were more likely than Israeli leaders in a land dispute in the Middle East. For the first time, it turned out to be more sympathetic to the Palestinian people.

Murphy told the Post he wanted to "restore honesty and integrity to government" By defeating Santos.
Murphy told the Post that he wanted to “bring back honesty and integrity to the government” by beating Santos.
Ron Sachs – CNP

Murphy said his goal is to bring peace to resolve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but he fully supports Israel.

“Israel has been our closest ally for a long time, and it is important to maintain that alliance,” he said.

He supports the current endorsement of the Biden administration and Congress to help Ukraine against Russian aggressors.

“Ukrainians are 21st century freedom fighters,” said Murphy.

Other Democrats mentioned in the front-runners for next year’s Santos seat include former Congressman Tom Suozzi, who gave up his seat and instead ran for governor last year. 2022 Democratic nominee Robert Zimmerman, who lost to Santos and Zimmerman’s main rival, Nassau County Rep. Josh Raffazan, is in the running, according to party sources.

Nassau County Democratic Party Chairman Jay Jacobs said he didn’t know Murphy and hadn’t spoken to him yet.

Jacobs, who is also chairman of the state Democratic Party, said, “I would be happy to talk to him if he would reach out.”

Murphy said he would reach out to Jacobs because he was so focused on running.

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