St. Louis homeowners sue city for allegedly refusing to remove ‘scary, smelly’ homeless encampment in front of their house

Two Missouri residents who suffered for three years from pungent odors and lewd acts at a homeless camp outside their homes are suing the “woke” city.

Plaintiffs Richard Baumhoff and Stephen McClanahan claim the city of St. Louis has refused to act despite multiple requests for relief from police and the city. Residents said police told them they were out of control and blamed Democratic Mayor Tishaura O. Jones.

According to a petition filed by two residents, Mayor Jones ordered police not to intervene. However, the city has demonstrated that it is willing to remove homeless tents under certain circumstances, such as when Vice President Kamala Harris visited St. Louis in 2023, and the petition continued.

“For three years, these two people lived in a makeshift tent in front of their home,” W. Bevis Schock, the plaintiff’s attorney, told Fox News Digital.

“They have a nice front porch. They want to go out in the morning with a nice cup of coffee and lots of sunshine, but that’s not possible because it’s scary, smelly, and noisy. Because there are people out there who are not using their homes properly.”

Residents blame St. Louis Mayor Tishaura Jones for the squatter invasion. Washington Post (via Getty Images)

Homeowners are terrified of the squatters, referred to in court documents as “doe and doe.”

“In some cases, Doe and Roe became aggressive towards Plaintiff and screamed at Plaintiff and others…Plaintiffs were unable to respond to Doe and Roe due to Doe and Roe’s unpredictability. I’m scared of Law.

“Plaintiffs no longer use their front porch or front yard because of the foul odors (including the odor of human waste) emanating from their tents,” the petition states.

Schock said the encampment “smells like poop” and poses a health hazard to the community because residents are using storm sewers as toilets.

The Plantiffs argue that the homeless population is restricted from using their own homes due to odor, trash and noise. fox news

“Plaintiff’s neighbors… [the homeless people] It straddles the sewer and is used as a toilet. [The] “The use of storm drains poses a public health hazard,” the petition reads.

“I don’t like that,” he said. “These people don’t shower every day. They have trash in their houses. They see rats running around. They have chickens outside their makeshift tents. They throw away garbage such as bones, which attracts pests.

Schock said his customers are “compassionate” people and would like the problem to resolve itself, but he can no longer handle it.

“They yell a lot, which is scary in a way. It’s not that my clients aren’t brave enough to deal with someone yelling at them from time to time, but it makes them uncomfortable. ” said the lawyer.

The couple, whose home has no value in the homeless encampment market, can no longer park in front of their house, use the front door or mow their lawn. They also feared for the safety of their guests, according to the complaint.

Homeowners are concerned about their safety and the safety of their guests. AP

“Doe and Law occasionally show up to wash. Doe wears a towel around her waist, but when she changes from the towel to her clothes, it is exposed,” the petition states.

“When Kamala Harris came to St. Louis, there were a lot of homeless people living in tents on the grounds of City Hall, and she removed them all,” Schock said. “We don’t know where they went. She got rid of them for the big visit of the Vice President of the United States. So they can move them when they want to. They just want to.” , that’s a big factor in this case.”

Mayor Jones reportedly ordered police not to intervene. Bill Greenblatt/UPI/Shutterstock

Schock said the city’s government is made up of “woke leftists” who “stand with the homeless.”

“They think the homeless are doing what they’re doing because rich white men are causing their problems, and that’s how they see it…so they are not interested in the interests of taxpayers. They are paying property taxes. They are paying sales taxes. They are the backbone of America, just ordinary people living quietly. People, go.[ing] about their business. ”

The petition was filed on February 16th.

Mayor Jones’ office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.



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