Steelers fan chanting for Mason Rudolph is so damn sad

Within a week, everything went off the rails. pittsburgh steelers. This was a team that entered Week 13 at 7-4 with its playoff destiny in its hands, and seemed to have turned a corner with the firing of offensive coordinator Matt Canada.

Now they're reduced to screaming Mason Rudolph fans.

To tell thursday night football To say I was disappointed would be the understatement of this century.Indeed, at some level you maybe With Kyler Murray back and the team finding its footing again, the loss to the Cardinals in Week 13 can be justified, but the Patriots' situation at home is extraordinary.

Whenever you find yourself wanting Mason Rudolph, or rather a third-string quarterback, you know things are bad. This could be the breaking point for the Steelers. Mitch Trubisky was woefully ineffective Thursday night. He finished with just 190 passing yards on his 35 pass attempts. He had a disgusting 5.4 yards per pass attempt.

George Pickens' route tree looked more like someone walking up and down the grocery store aisles looking for pine nuts than an NFL receiver.

Consecutive losses to two of the saddest teams in the NFL left the Steelers as a franchise completely lost.On paper, they're 7-6 and well within the playoff picture, but in reality that's not the case. feel Pittsburgh is the Colts, Bengals, seahawks And the Ravens — unless they can improve their play, both will likely be losses, which would almost certainly end the Steelers' season.

This is the first time in Mike Tomlin's tenure that the franchise has felt lost and directionless. Parting ways with your head coach is a big mistake, but frustration can lead to strange things, like rooting for Mason Rudolph.



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