Stephen A. Smith makes big claim about McAfee’s hosting

Sports commentator Stephen A. Smith claimed that podcaster Pat McAfee doesn’t have to be as politically savvy as Smith because of the color of his skin.

Smith appeared in “Boys and Bassin,” Smith commented on the difference between being a successful host on a “Linear TV” show and podcasting on a podcast hosted by former NFL players Taylor Lewan and Will Compton.

Lewan asked Smith about McAfee. McAfee is not afraid of controversy and has made his move to ESPN a huge success with his unconventional podcast.

“You were talking about being the No. 1 guy for 12 years, and we saw ESPN pivoting to McAfee, which is obviously a great thing for the network. What do you think of the guy who’s doing a very good job?” In many ways, it’s changing the direction of mainstream media and everything else, both from a competitive standpoint and as a partner. ”

“I’m an anomaly in this regard,” Smith began. “I love Pat McAfee…I love him to death, I love him to death. I love his swag. I love the fact that he’s an honest brother. He never gives in. “I’m going to let you know exactly where I stand.” That’s the type of guy I am and it works for me,” Smith continued.

The station then alluded to the idea that because of McAfee’s race, he may not have had the need or requirement for political education that Smith did.

“Now, is he as politically sophisticated as I am? No, because he has no desire to be number one. And number two, to be honest, he’s white and I’m He’s black. He didn’t have to be that way,” he had to be, so I understand all that and I’m not going to judge him for that. ”

Smith added that he still supports McAfee as a “pioneer” in the podcasting space, just as he supports all of his friends and competitors. At the same time, he said, Smith wants to be at the top.

For most of 2023, McAfee caused controversy by having Super Bowl champion Aaron Rodgers appear on his show multiple times and publicly airing his feud with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. brewed.

Mr. Rogers has frequently spoken out against big drug companies and has drawn Mr. McAfee into high-profile discussions in the media.

However, McAfee explained that he didn’t really like his show to become embroiled in “political wars and public squabbles,” adding that he and his other co-hosts would try to “avoid it as much as possible” in the future. .

Smith has recently been rumored to be On behalf of host Kimmel The 56-year-old will appear on his show after his latest contract expires.

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