Stitches riding with the underdog

It’s a holiday for Snake and the Strangers, but not for Stitch.

We again rely on the prophetic abilities of the pigskin to reduce insurmountable debts.

The underperforming Cincinnati Bengals (3-3) will travel to Frisco to take on the 49ers (5-2).

Niners QB Brock Purdy will return after clearing concussion protocol on Saturday, which could spell trouble for Purdy.

We were ready to take the Bangles (+192) for $50 whether he played or not.

Brock Purdy
Getty Images

Switched allegiance for Game 2.

Texas wins the series, but it’s Saturday when they don the snakeskin pants.

(I don’t know if Mrs. Stitch enjoyed the show, but she filmed it for the team.)

The rout continued as Gabriel Moreno hit a home run off Jordan Montgomery.

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The Debacks defeated the Rangers 16-4 for a 9-1 victory.

Tommy Pham was 4-for-4 with hits. Merrill Kelly is 3-1 this postseason.

This snake also won both college games.

Ohio State won 24-10 against Wisconsin. UCLA then defeated the Buffaloes 28-16.

It’s a win-win-win – 2,029 RA.

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