Stock futures rise slightly with S&P 500, Nasdaq on six-day losing streak – CNBC

4 hours ago

Bitcoin trades near $65,000 after halving

Bitcoin prices were little changed Sunday night, hovering around $65,000.

This is close to the level the largest cryptocurrency was on Friday before the so-called “halving” that reduced rewards to miners and delayed the issuance of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin prices have risen during previous halvings, but some experts say the cryptocurrency has the potential for a short-term decline.

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Bitcoin prices were relatively calm over the weekend after the cryptocurrency “halved” again.

— Jesse Pound, Tanaya Machel

5 hours ago

futures open up

Three major futures stocks rose as New York trading opened at 6 p.m. Dow futures rose 100 points at one point.

— Jesse Pound

5 hours ago

Last week’s review

Here are the key averages after Friday’s tech market decline:

  • On Friday, the S&P 500 fell 0.88%, marking its sixth consecutive negative session.
  • The S&P 500 ended the week down 3.05%.
  • The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 2.05% on Friday, marking its sixth consecutive negative session.
  • The Nasdaq Composite ended the week down 5.52%.
  • On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 211 points, or 0.56%, for its second straight positive session.
  • The Dow ended the week up 0.01%.

— Jesse Pound, Christopher Hayes