‘Stop Grooming Our Kids’: Protesters Clash Over Pride Month Assembly At LA Elementary School, Video Shows

Protests erupted Friday at Satikoy Elementary School in Los Angeles over a Pride Month event, with protesters arguing that parents, not schools, should teach their children about LGBT issues, ABC7 reported.

Protesters reportedly landed at a Southern California elementary school around 8 a.m. carrying posters with messages such as “Parental Choices Matter” and “Stop Grooming Your Kids.” A video shared by the same media outlet show.anti-demonstrators can be seen They clashed with those who opposed the Pride Month event and waved various LGBT pride flags.

According to the report, footage of the clashes by ABC7 showed opposition groups briefly engaging in visible and violent clashes, but the majority of the protests remained peaceful. (Related: Junior high school student suspected of ‘bullying’ peers into participating in LGBT ‘Day of Silence’)

Some parents who objected to the rally are said to have created Instagram accounts and encouraged others to keep their children at home.

One parent argued that schools should not teach sexual topics to their children.

“I didn’t bring them into this world to be explained by a teacher.” [to] What is gay, or what two men or two women do. For certain things, at least at a certain age, it should be up to parents to decide if they want their children to see them,” Jack Satamian, Satikoy’s parent, told ABC 7.

Another parent said schoolchildren should be exposed to learning about such topics.

“That’s the state of the world today, and if you protect them from it, it’s only going to have a bigger impact later on, and it might go sideways in a way. Put them out there, everybody.” I think it’s really great to talk about,” said Eric Denesen.

An LGBT flag in a planter outside a classroom at Satikoi Elementary School was burned in late May, ABC7 report in another article. In the aftermath, a new, larger flag was installed outside the classroom. It is unclear who burned the original LGBT flag and an investigation is ongoing, the report said.

Organizers of Friday’s protests said they were not involved in the flag-burning allegations and were concerned about parents’ rights to discuss LGBT topics, ABC7 reported.

The Los Angeles Unified School District issued a statement emphasizing the importance of diversity and continuing to engage families on the subject, according to the Times.

“As part of our engagement with the school community, our school regularly discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion in the families we serve,” the statement said. “There is an ongoing and active discussion with the school community about this and we remain committed to continuing our engagement with families on this important topic. Families always discuss important topics with their children. families are encouraged to do so, and families can also contact the school for more information on school programs and activities.”

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