Store Employee Charged After Shooting Shoplifter at Least 10 Times

Phoenix, Arizona Family Dollar employee Kevin Salas Madrid has been arrested on suspicion of shooting a shoplifter at least 10 times.

The shooting occurred before 8pm Wednesday

FOX 10 Phoenix report The 24-year-old Madrid confronted a shoplifter who allegedly punched him in the face.

Madrid responded by shooting the shoplifter, and allegedly continued shooting after the suspect fell to the ground.

FOX 10 says Madrid shot shoplifter 10 times, but AZFamily claimed Madrid shot him 15 times and “emptied the gun’s magazine”.

Witnesses told police the shoplifter made a fist, beat Madrid violently and dropped his glasses. It was after that punch that Madrid fired.

Madrid was charged with second-degree murder. The shoplifter is hospitalized in serious condition.

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