Student’s Anti-Israel Rant Disrupts Event at Jewish Dean’s Home

On Tuesday, anti-Israel student demonstrators disrupted an event for Berkeley Law School alumni held at the residence of Jewish Dean Erwin Chemerinsky and his wife.

The center of the conflict is the Israel-Hamas war, new york post report On Thursday, it was noted that Mr. Chemerinsky is the dean of Berkeley Law School.

After exchanging Islamic greetings into a microphone at a backyard event, law student Malak Afaneh called for the school to be divested from companies funding Israel’s role in the ongoing conflict. .

Video footage of the incident shows Mr. Chemersky’s wife, Professor Catherine Fisk, approaching the young woman and her and her husband. request Protesters to leave the premises.
Chemelsynky asks her to leave before his wife tells the young woman, “This is not your home. Please leave.” This is my home and I want you to leave. ”

Fisk also appears to be trying to steal the microphone from Afaneh.

“We are talking about Ramadan and the holy month of Ramadan. As Muslim students, we refuse to break the fast against Palestinian blood,” Ms. Afaneh told Fisk.

“The Unification Church has pledged to transfer $2 billion to weapons manufacturers,” she added.

In response to the incident, KTVU quoted Civil rights lawyers said Chemerinsky is respected across the country for his work on constitutional rights, adding that Chemerinsky has the right to remove students from their homes.

Chemerinsky later said in a statement that he and his wife never imagined such a negative event for the community. post:

“The dinner intended to celebrate the graduates was clearly disrupted and disrupted. Such rude students came into my house and backyard and used this social gathering for their own political agenda. We deeply regret this,” the statement continued.

The educator also revealed that he had been the target of anti-Semitic harassment at the university the previous week, where he said, “No dinner with Zionist chemistry while Gaza is starving.” A caricature of him holding a bloody knife and fork with the words ” written on it was posted on campus.

In February, Jewish students at the University of California, Berkeley, reported that a mob of pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel protesters canceled an event in which an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldier was scheduled to speak, according to Breitbart News. I had to leave campus.

“In 1964, Berkeley was the home of the Free Speech Movement, which argued that all political speech should be tolerated on campus. This movement inspired a generation of activists in the 1960s, “That generation inspired many of today’s activists,” the article said.

“Ironically, many of these activists are now opposing free speech,” it concluded.