Studio Releases Original Version Of Iconic Actor’s Song In ‘Sound Of Music’ 60 Years After It Was Dubbed Over

For the first time in nearly 60 years, Craft Recordings has released an original recording of actor Christopher Plummer singing “Edelweiss” from the classic film “The Sound of Music.”

According to Rodgers & Hammerstein, Plummer’s vocal parts were dubbed by Bill Lee, and his voice was frequently used in dubbing. Plummer also won two Tony Awards out of six nominations. according to On Canada’s Walk of Fame. (Related: ‘The Sound of Music’ star Christopher Plummer dies at 91)

new Deluxe soundtrack set Craft Recordings’ 5-disc album sold out on the day it was released. The set also includes 40 unreleased tracks and 11 never-before-heard alternate performances from the cast. The set also includes detailed liner notes by film historian and preservationist Mike Mattessino. He was an associate of the late “Sound of Music” director and producer Robert Wise.

“‘The Sound of Music’ offers a window into the esoteric world of screen musical voice acting. It was considered a taboo until bearded kittens began appearing in brown paper packages in early 1964. Mattessino said, Said In a press statement.

“On set, the track played over the speakers as the cameras rolled and the actors sang along to their own recordings,” he added.

“Songs are then enhanced, with sound effects and dialogue added as needed, for the finished film several months later. In some cases, the vocal and orchestral recordings remain unchanged; Sometimes one, the other, or both are completely changed. Other times, small details are fixed after filming. Careful listeners, especially those familiar with the original album or film, will discover these variations. You will enjoy it.”

“You’ll hear things you’ve heard before, including famous songs fronted by the soothing tones of Dame Julie Andrews, but the experience will never be the same as the one provided by the 1965 soundtrack album. “It’s changed beyond anything. There were extensions to the song, some beautifully arranged underscores, and even some parts that weren’t used in the final version of the film,” Mattessino added.

Tracks include “The Little Dears,” “New Governess,” “The Gazebo,” and “Nocturne – Capital and Maria.” His original 16 tracks have also been renewed and are available in standard digital, HD digital, and Dolby Atmos mixes. A deluxe edition will also be released on December 1st, including a 2-CD and 3-LP vinyl collection. The Wrap reported.



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