‘Succession’ Creator Says Spin-Offs Possible But HBO Boss Casts Doubt

in the recent news that Inheritance With it officially canceled after season 4, fans are wondering if we’ll ever get to see Lloyd’s again in some way.

in a recent interview with New Yorkershowrunner and creator Jesse Armstrong has revealed that he has decided to wrap up the storyline after Season 4, which premieres next month.

“There is promise in the title of Inheritance,” he said. “I never thought this would last forever. The end is always in my mind.

He added:

Armstrong said he and other writers played out many different scenarios for how the show would end.

“We can do a few short seasons, or two more seasons,” he said. “Or you could go on for years and turn the show into something much different, a more rowdy, freewheeling kind of fun show that has good weeks and bad weeks. You can also do something and go out strong, and that has definitely always been my favourite.”

But what fans really want to know is, is this really the end for Royce?

“There is also a strong sense within me that there could be something else in the world of Alliance, characters in Alliance, or part of the same characters,” Armstrong said, adding that he was keen on possible future spin-offs. “If you have an appetite, you might be able to return to another part of this world.”

nevertheless InheritanceThe creators of .

according to varietyBloys does not consider Inheritance The show will spin off once it airs its season 4 finale.

“I don’t think so,” he said of the idea, but didn’t mean to outright dismiss it. [Game of] A Thrones prequel like nothing HBO has historically done. Some people inside the company said, ‘This is crazy. what are you doing ‘ That said, I think George has something about the universe. [RR Martin] created to help [spin-offs]It has a huge history, different families, different wars and battles. ”

He added: It doesn’t seem natural to me.But if [creator Jesse Armstrong] If you say, “I want to do this,” follow Jesse’s lead.

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