Sunday with Dom Joly: ‘I’m obsessed with bread sauce and have it on toast’ | Sunday with…

Are you an early riser? I’m an ex-goth and a night owl, so I don’t go to bed until 2 a.m. unless I have to, and the earliest I wake up is 10 a.m.

Sunday morning? I drink an incredibly strong cup of coffee and then take my dogs Truman and Fitzgerald for a long walk in Cheltenham’s Pittville Park. I think it’s illegal to own anything other than a black lab in Gloucestershire. When you turn your back, there are about 80 black labs. Sometimes I wonder if I brought home the wrong dog.

Sunday breakfast? Now that I’m a ponce, I’m only eating one meal a day. I never actually eat breakfast because I get up too late, but I love breakfast spots and I also love breakfast meetings like the ones people have after seeing their therapists in America. When I was road-tripping in America for my book launch, I always found a diner on Sundays. My favorite is the Colorado, where the eggs are served with a wonderful chile verde.

Is it useful in the kitchen? I’m great at roast chicken, and I also make my own stuffing and roasted potatoes and spinach, but roasting is just an excuse to make pan sauce. I’m obsessed with pan sauce and spread it on toast the next day to double the carbs.

Relaxing on Sunday? I love feel-good classic movies, which I’ve seen 300 times. I’ve seen a lot of masculine movies like that. battle of the bulge. But to be honest, I find Sundays very boring. I’m not supposed to enjoy Mondays, but for me it’s Sunday. I don’t actually have a job. Sunday is different from other people’s Sundays. I’m not good at relaxing. Life is too short to spend a day doing nothing.

Are you relaxing on Sunday? I’d love to say I listen to opera, but I’m really a low culture guy.i loved traitors I’ve even seen the Australian and American versions, and if the celebrity version were to be aired, I would die to be in it. Sunday is all about doing something, pretending it’s nothing.

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