Sununu rips Trump, DeSantis on Ukraine aid

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (Republican) criticizes increasingly isolationist views of the war in Ukraine by Republicans, including former President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and opposes U.S. aid. I wrote in an op-ed that it was “not feasible”. foreign policy. “

“It is not viable foreign policy to oppose aid to Ukraine just because President Biden supports it.” wrote in the New York Times. “Abandoning Ukraine would set off a negative spiral for U.S. interests at home and abroad.”

Sununu targeted growing anti-Ukrainian sentiment within the Republican Party after Trump and DeSantis made controversial comments on the issue in the past few weeks.

In a Fox News poll of the declared 2024 presidential candidates, Trump said Europe relied on the United States to defend itself against Russia, saying Russia was “for us. It’s unfair,” he said. In the same inquiry, DeSantis argued that it was not in America’s “vital national interest” to support Ukraine. The Florida governor also called the war a “territorial dispute.”

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is not a ‘territorial dispute,’ as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said earlier this month,” Sununu wrote in an op-ed Saturday. “Russia is waging war on innocent people and must be blamed.”

Sununu took an even tougher shot at Trump, tying him with Republicans who said the governor of New Hampshire had lost its “moral compass” on foreign policy.

“Some Republicans have lost their moral compass on foreign policy, as evidenced by former President Donald Trump, who once called Putin’s aggression a ‘genius’ and ‘savvy,'” Sununu said. wrote. “As Republicans, we should stand for liberty, not give it up.”

Republican lawmakers who have lashed out at the Biden administration over the level of U.S. support for Ukraine have argued that the government should not offer foreign countries “blank checks” to fight the war. The price of supporting it, he wrote, is much cheaper than allowing Russia to overwhelm the country.

“When it comes to government funding, there should never be a blank check and every tax must be spent wisely and accounted for,” wrote Sununu. “But the price the United States pays in Ukraine today is far less than the price Putin faces if he continues his march west and threatens NATO’s sovereignty and security.”

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