Super Bowl Winning Head Coach Sean McVay To Return To The Sidelines After Contemplating Retirement

Head coach Sean McVay will be returning to the Los Angeles Rams for the 2023-2024 NFL season after briefly contemplating his future.

Earlier in the month, McVay was reportedly uncertain about whether or not he would return next season, but after spending a few days to think about his decision, the 36-year-old came to the conclusion that he would be back as Los Angeles’ head coach. 

McVay informed the team on Friday that he was “excited” to return to the sidelines, according to the Rams on Twitter. 

It would have been hard for me to imagine McVay abruptly retiring after posting a terrible 5-12 record this season. He previously described his team’s lackluster performance this year as a “professional failure.” For McVay to walk away from his job on such a low note didn’t seem realistic to me at all, despite previous reports. 

That said, I look forward to McVay getting his team back on track next season. The Rams are less than one year removed from hoisting the Lombardi Trophy up after winning Super Bowl LVI against the Cincinnati Bengals. Injuries to some of their best players totally derailed their 2022 season. Quarterback Matthew Stafford was placed on injured reserve in addition to defensive lineman Aaron Donald, and Super Bowl MVP Cooper Kupp. These injuries resulted in one very ugly Super Bowl hangover for Los Angeles.

I believe the Rams are just a few key pieces away from being title contenders once again. If they could land a solid running back in the NFL Draft or through free-agency, I think that would solve a lot of their issues offensively. Los Angeles ranked bottom five in the league in rushing yards per game this season. It’s an area in their game that has to improve if they hope to return to relevance.

They also need to add another reliable and athletic wide receiver over the offseason to compliment Cooper Kupp on the outside. It became evident in their week one matchup against the Buffalo Bills, that their offense was much less dynamic without Odell Beckham Jr. Say what you want about Beckham Jr., but the Rams missed him terribly in 2022. OBJ posted monster numbers in their postseason run on their way to winning the Super Bowl. He tallied over 100 yards in the 2022 NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers and even scored a touchdown in Super Bowl LVI. (RELATED: Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson To Miss Crucial Postseason Game Due To Injury. Will He Play Elsewhere Next Season?)

Due to OBJ’s injury history and off-field shenanigans, I’m not saying that he is the player they should go out and try to re-sign, but a player that is as acrobatic as he is would help make the Rams offense more threatening at the line of scrimmage.

The Rams certainly have their work cut out for them over the offseason, but with McVay leading the way, I think they will return to the top of the NFC in no time.

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