Suspect brutally beats husky with rubber mallet, causing multiple fractures, blindness: Video

A Florida woman has been arrested for seriously harming her dog by hitting it with a rubber mallet.

Last August, the unidentified owner of 9-year-old husky Maya began noticing mysterious injuries to his furry friend. After several such instances, the dog’s veterinarian installed a covert camera at his home in Town ‘N’ Country, near Tampa, Florida, to keep track of what happened to the dog when he wasn’t there. I suggested to the owner to see if there was an event.

What the owner learned from CLThe Andean survey is really despicable.Surveillance footage appears to be reflected Elizabeth James, the dog owner’s son’s girlfriend severely beat Maya with a rubber mallet while she screamed and complained of pain. Maya tried to evade the attack but was unable to because the suspect had a leash and the dog was forced to endure further abuse.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office received the video footage on Monday and released it on its YouTube channel a few days later. WARNING: THE CONTENT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad ChronisterThe self-described “dog lover” spoke for many when he said, “It was heartbreaking to hear this precious animal cry for help.” .

When his deputy arrived at the residence where the abuse allegedly took place, they immediately took Maya for treatment at a veterinary emergency group. Maya continued to heal and was reunited with her owner. injunction against Jaimes.

Jaimes and her boyfriend began sharing a residence with Maya and her owner in August, just before the injuries began. She is said to have admitted to hitting the dog after “growling” at her.

“Elizabeth James’ actions are reprehensible,” the Chronister Sheriff said. “No animal deserves cruel and inhumane treatment. We will not tolerate it.”

Jaimes, a community college student and Starbucks manager, was arrested and charged with aggravated animal cruelty with a weapon, a second-degree felony, according to prison records. She was subsequently released on her $7,500 bail. It is unknown when she is next scheduled to appear in court.

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