Suspect dead after reports of shooting on Nevada campus: authorities

The suspect who opened fire on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus is dead and may have several victims, police said Wednesday afternoon.

las vegas police answered In response to reports of an active shooter, a post on X (formerly Twitter) added: “It appears there are multiple victims at this time,” but provided no further details.

Police also did not provide details about the suspect’s cause of death.

university issued the first emergency alert Just before noon local time, university police announced they were responding to a report of a shooting inside the BEH building. A second warning, issued approximately eight minutes later, advised students to remain in place and evacuate the area.

Twenty minutes later, campus police responded to additional reports of shots fired in the student union building and instructed people to evacuate the area.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said at a press conference earlier in the day that she had been briefed on the situation and that the White House was monitoring the report. He added: “This is an epidemic and the president is taking it very seriously.”

The Hill has reached out to the Las Vegas Police Department for further comment.


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