Suspected Thief Hides In Drain Before Being Pulled Out By US Police

Police used drones to track down the suspected thief.

A suspected luggage thief on the run from police in Fayette County, USA, was found and arrested by cops using a drone and a K-9 dog after hiding in a drain for over an hour before falling into a foul-smelling situation. Ta.

The suspect attempted to steal a package from a resident’s front door before inadvertently causing a minor traffic accident and fleeing on foot, Fayette County Police said in a statement.

The suspect took refuge in a storm drain in Fayette County, Georgia, in an attempt to escape arrest. Police used drones to monitor the suspect’s actions.

“A suspect who attempted to steal a package from a porch in a hit-and-run accident in Tyrone City last week fled,” Fayette County Police said in a statement.

according to fox newsAfter repeated warnings, officers sprayed pepper spray into drains more than 50 yards away. But no one jumped out of either end.

Video captured by a drone camera showed that no amount of persuasion could get him out. However, the thieves quickly surfaced when police officers placed a K-9 dog named Ax deep in the ditch.

After the incident, he was formally admitted to the Fayette County Jail after being tested for dog bites and treated for exposure to pepper spray.

“He went further into the drain where he disappeared under the subdivision. With the help of drones, our officers were able to jump into the drain and follow his movements safely. This allowed officers to “assess the situation and safely deploy K9 to rescue the suspect from the drain,” the police department said.

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