SUZANNE DOWNING: Season’s Greetings! Go F**k Yourself

Elon Musk has emerged as a champion of this fundamental constitutional right as free speech comes under increasing attack by a government colluding with liberals and private corporations to suppress American opinion.

He is a target of the mainstream media mafia, which views X (formerly known as Twitter) as its fiercest competitor. In fact, Musk is now making entire news articles visible in people’s feeds, a far cry from the company’s original 140-character limit in the early days when the company was a social media startup founded to tell quick jokes. It is a deviation from the limits.

In order to eliminate X as a competitor, the media must first eliminate the man standing between free speech: Elon Musk. (Related: Alan Dershowitz: Elon Musk is the last hope for free speech)

Musk’s acquisition of X in 2022 sparked a debate about the importance of open dialogue and the suppression of conservative voices on all major social media platforms. The X platform has become filled with more diverse voices, some liberal journalists have simply quit (I’m looking at you NPR and Keith Olbermann), and some boutique his platform where you can enjoy an echo chamber. I ended up washing up. Rest in peace.

Twitter has become overtly emboldened in the run-up to the 2020 election, with content moderators making it easier to drown out conservative voices. The company even deleted President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter account under the direction of Jack Dorsey.

It’s not far-fetched to suggest that Twitter played a significant role in shaping the 2020 presidential election and this week’s presidential election. public hearing A study by the House Judiciary Committee on the federal government’s weaponization of social media sheds light on what was suspected, but until recently, unproven.

The evidence presented in the Twitter files reveals a pattern of partisan moderation aimed at controlling the narrative of the news cycle. None of this would have been known if Musk hadn’t bought a majority stake and revealed what was going on behind the curtain.

Within weeks of taking over the company, he laid off about 80% of his employees and slashed costs. And, lo and behold, almost overnight freedom of speech returned. Like the Grinch who stole Christmas, mainstream media was not amused.

As cancel culture resorted to the usual tactic of calling Musk an anti-Semite, the White House jumped on board. And he’s in a 3-2-1…that scared some top advertisers.

In an interview at the 2023 New York Times Dealbook Summit, Musk appeared unapologetic when asked about the exodus of advertisers from Andrew Ross Sorkin’s platform. Mr. Musk had the audacity to respond: “If anyone tries to blackmail me with an ad, just walk away.”

Musk also took legal action against Media Matters, an organization that investigates biased reporting, for manipulating algorithms to drive away advertisers. Media Matters is a 501c(3) nonprofit progressive organization that describes itself as “comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in U.S. media.”

Mr. Musk is not going down without a fight.

The sacrifices Mr. Musk has made to protect this foundation of free speech are significant. Since Musk became the company’s largest shareholder, X’s monthly advertising revenue in the U.S. has plummeted by at least 55% from a year ago, according to Reuters.Some sources say the company’s exit could cost the platform up to $75 million in advertising revenue by the end of the year. To tell.

“Go f— Yourself” isn’t Musk’s original, but it remains one of his most memorable quotes. But he had others as well:

“If something is important enough, people will do it even if the odds are against them.”

“‘Never. I will never give up. All I can do is die or become completely powerless. As for me, I will never give up and I will never give up.’

Take the risk now. Do something bold. You won’t regret it. ”

“It’s a source of strength. That’s not really how I think about things. For me it’s simply: This is an important thing to achieve and we need to…keep doing it or work until we die. I don’t need a source of power. [Quitting] That’s not in my nature, and I don’t mind either optimism or pessimism. F— That’s what we’re going to get done. ” (Related: Suzanne Downing: Women’s rights groups condemn brutality against Jewish women and girls)

What’s worth noting is that these ideas aren’t all that deep. Except today’s American business leaders have become such lily cowards that these ideas sound big and bold. Too many CEOs are starting to hate capitalism itself.

And Musk is the guy trying to land a rocket on Mars. The man who rewrote the history of satellite and broadband. The guy who built electric cars before electric cars were cool. He doesn’t care what Disney says.

Mr. Musk’s unwavering fight to provide a platform for open dialogue provides a little cheer at a time when we desperately need it. This year could be the year of “Are you trying to blackmail me?” “Go f— Yourself” is America’s happiest and most joyful seasonal greeting of the day, along with “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” “Happy Hanukkah,” and “Happy Kwanzaa.”

Suzanne Downing is the editor of Must Read Alaska.

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