SUZANNE DOWNING: Women’s Rights Orgs Wave Off Atrocities Committed Against Jewish Women And Girls

In an era marked by women’s rights struggles, a deafening silence looms over the brutal atrocities experienced by Jewish women and girls at the hands of Hamas terrorists.

united nations commemorated As the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women is observed on Saturday, a blatant contradiction confronts the world: the systematic rape and murder of Israeli women and children by Hamas terrorists is a prelude to this plan. I think it was part of the plan. A terrorist operation launched by Hamas on October 7th.

The systematic dehumanization of Jewish women and children challenges the selective activism that plagues global women’s rights networks. The failure to even acknowledge these war crimes stands in sharp contrast to the movement’s relentlessly harsh stance on other women’s issues. What happened to “Believe All Women”? (Related: Brian Reeve: The world is burning, but Biden’s ineffective foreign policy won’t help)

The women’s group hid during the October 7 Israeli attack, but survivors say they saw the girl captured from her hiding place and handed over by Palestinians to Palestinian terrorists, who took turns to commit corruption. Do you not believe the testimony of she?

“When I’m hiding, I see it out of the corner of my eye. [a terrorist] He’s raping her,” the witness said. Told To the Times of Israel. “They folded her girlfriend and realized they had just raped her and handed her over to her next girlfriend’s family. [terrorist]’ said the woman. Her story is not an isolated one.

Reports like this should have sparked immediate outrage and action from the White House to the United Nations, but the inexplicable silence remains, a betrayal of the very principles the women’s rights movement claims to believe in. It is.

On October 13, UN Secretary-General António Guterres equated Hamas’ atrocities with Israeli self-defense, even though torture of Jewish women had already been documented.

Guterres talked about the situation in Gaza Hamas killed more than 1,200 people and injured thousands more, while Israel responded by killing 1,800 people and wounding thousands more. He went on to say that it is unreasonable for Israel to ask Palestinians in Gaza City to move south of the territory within 24 hours.

“Moving more than 1 million people across a densely populated war zone to a place without food, water, or accommodation when an entire territory is under siege is extremely dangerous, and in some cases completely It’s impossible,” he said. Once again, the United Nations has shown little concern for Hamas’ war crimes against women and children.

UN-Women’s statement The October 20 statement also ignored the atrocities, focusing instead on the suffering of Gazan women whose husbands were killed in fighting on behalf of Hamas and who became the new heads of households.

On the other hand, Hamas video recording According to the First Lady of the State of Israel, Michal Herzog, terrorists showed how they tortured a pregnant woman on a kibbutz, removed her unborn child and killed her.

The indifferent response, or lack thereof, from the United Nations and UN-Women further highlights this disparity. While the suffering of women and children in Gaza rightly receives attention, the atrocities committed against women and girls in Israel seem to be ignored.

Selective outrage undermines the credibility of these organizations and their commitment to universal women’s rights.

herzog appealed, He described how women and girls were raped so violently that they broke their pelvic bones.

Those unlucky enough to have seen the video evidence broadcast by the terrorists themselves saw the body of a naked woman being paraded through Gaza, and another woman, still alive, wearing bloody pants, captured at gunpoint. I saw her being grabbed by her hair and dragged into a jeep. “This evidence, along with the clearly recorded confessions of the captured terrorists, makes it abundantly clear that the gang rape was part of Hamas’ plan,” Herzog wrote.

Israeli Police Superintendent Dudi Katz said officers documented More than 1,000 statements and 60,000 video clips related to the attacks, including testimonies from people who reported seeing women being raped, were included. Investigators do not have first-hand accounts, but it remains unclear whether the rape victim survived.

This is not just an Israeli issue. It is a global human rights crisis. If the rape of Israeli women and girls by Hamas terrorists is not a wake-up call for women’s rights activists, they have deliberately abandoned their mission and have lost all credibility. .

Suzanne Downing is the founder and editor of Must Read Alaska.

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