Swifties Shocked After ‘Celebrity Jeopardy’ Contestants Bomb Taylor Swift Category: “This Is Painful To Watch”

Swifties across the country were left shocked after the contestants appeared on Wednesday night's (December 7) episode. celebrity crisis Bombed the Taylor Swift category.

Celebrity contestants Kyra Sedgwick, Mo Rocca and Amanda Seales (when they appeared) found themselves in a tight spot after saving the entire list of questions titled “Taylor Swift songs too” until the end. I found out that there is. And did they leave with a great reputation!

The first clue in the category read, “Be careful!” This washer cycle, using cold water and low speed, is recommended for lingerie and silk ties. ”

Sedgwick immediately spoke to her, but she mistakenly assumed that he was “kind.” When the other contestants had no idea, host Ken Jennings revealed the answer was “Delicate,” the title of a song from Swift's sixth studio album, Reputation. .

Another clue read, “If it's not yours!” This word comes before “craft” and “sweeper” in the name of a popular video game. ”

Sedgwick guessed “Mind” and made a second mistake. On the other hand, Rocca came up with the correct answer. It was Swift's song “Mine” from his third studio album “Speak Now”.

Despite failing twice, Sedgwick wasn't ready to throw in the towel just yet.

The final clue read, “While crossing the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey, motorists will be greeted (waiting) by a sign with four words:” The answer was clearly “Welcome to New York,” from “1989,” but Sedgwick answered, “What is 'Where Have You Been?'”, but the other contestants also had trouble finding the correct answer. could not.

Swift is currently at the peak of her career, having just been nominated. time The magazine's 2023 “Person of the Year” award made it even more surprising that the contestants performed poorly in this category.

“do not have danger “The whole Taylor Swift category went on for a while and not a single contestant knew the answer,” one user said. I have written On X (previously known as Twitter), another Added“This is painful to watch.”

third party fumingin front of others, saying, “Take the boomers off the air. It's embarrassing.'' Posted“I want to root for Kayla so much, but she’s failing.”

celebrity crisis It airs every Wednesday at 8/7c on ABC.



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