Sydney Attacker’s Father On Why He Killed Women

The father of a 40-year-old man who stabbed six people to death and attacked a nine-month-old baby at a Sydney shopping mall says he “loves monsters”.

Joel Couch’s father, Andrew Couch, said he was “heartbroken” by the attack but did not know what prompted his son to commit the murder. “This is so horrifying that I can’t even explain it. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing I can do or say to bring the dead back to life,” the anguished father told AFP news agency.

Police say Couch, who attacked more than nine people at a busy shopping center and chased them with a large knife, was mentally ill. Surveillance cameras inside the mall showed him running around wearing an Australian Rugby League jersey as injured people lay on the floor.

His father said that when he was diagnosed, he did everything in his power to help him and made himself his “servant.” “He’s my son and I love the monster. To you he’s a monster, but to me he was a very sick boy,” he said.

Sydney police are investigating why a man attacked a woman and appeared to be avoiding a man during a rampage on Saturday, but his father has issued an explanation.

“He wanted a girlfriend, but he had no social skills and was frustrated,” he said.

The massacre at the Westfield shopping complex was a rare incident in Australia, which has some of the strictest gun and knife laws in the world.

The horror finally ended when Inspector Amy Scott shot him dead. A female police officer, who has been hailed as a hero, was seen running as fast as she could through the mall chasing the perpetrator.

Five women and a male shopping mall security guard were killed. The victims included a new mother who, in desperation, handed over her injured infant to a stranger who later succumbed to her injuries. The 9-month-old baby is in critical condition.

Police deny the attack was an act of terrorism.