14-foot ‘Croczilla’ bares its teeth in Florida’s Everglades: video

Florida’s iconic alligator, nicknamed the “black whale” for its impressive length of 14 feet (possibly the state’s largest), was caught on video making a razor-sharp cry. Footage recorded by wildlife photographer Kim Clark shows the reclusive, scaly celebrity basking in the sun next to a pond, mouth wide open. “What a lucky day,” Clark can […]

Witness Reportedly Spots 14-Foot Alligator Carrying Dead Body In Its Mouth

A 14-foot-long alligator was reportedly spotted by a witness in the Largo Channel Friday afternoon with a carcass in its mouth. The deceased adult and 13-foot-8.5-inch alligator were found near Ridgecrest Park, a 5-acre lake, by deputies who responded around 1:50 p.m., Bay News 9 reported. report. The alligator was “humanely killed” by the Florida […]

800-pound, 14-foot alligator caught in Mississippi breaks harvest record: ‘A lot of leather’

Four Mississippi alligator hunters have broken the record for hunting a 14-foot-long reptile weighing over 800 pounds. Flora’s Tanner White, Oxford’s Don Woods, Madison’s Will Thomas and Jackson’s Joey Clark caught a record-breaking alligator at the Central West Alligator Reserve this week. The Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks (MDWFP) confirmed the capture by […]

14-foot snake found dead on LI road

A 14-foot python was found dead on the side of a Long Island road, officials said. A reticulated python – a species known to be the world’s longest snake – was spotted on Valentine’s Day by the State Environmental Protection Agency’s Medford roadside. said in a press release. DEC officers responded, found the reptile curled […]


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