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Argentina labor unions’ 24-hour strike against President Milei paralyzes daily life

Argentina’s largest trade union launched one of its fiercest challenges to President Javier Millei’s liberal government, staging a massive general strike on Thursday that saw hundreds of flights canceled and major bus and train lines cut off. , subway service was suspended. Major thoroughfares, streets, and major transportation terminals were eerily deserted. Most teachers were […]

Chicago Tribune, 6 other newsrooms begin 24-hour strike against Alden

More than 200 reporters, photographers and other staff members from the Chicago Tribune and six other news outlets across the country took to the streets Thursday to protest years of “slow-moving” contract negotiations and demand fair pay. began a 24-hour strike. The strike included 76 members of the Chicago Tribune’s news staff, photographers and editors […]

Washington Post journalists plan 24-hour strike as contract talks falter

Unionized reporters at The Washington Post announce a 24-hour strike on Thursday to protest layoffs and what they say is management’s failure to negotiate in good faith during 18 months of contract negotiations. did. The planned one-day strike comes weeks after former Wall Street Journal publisher William Lewis was named CEO and publisher of the […]

National Security Agency on 24-Hour Watch as Israel Readies Offensive

The bulk of the National Security Agency, which is responsible for gathering foreign signals intelligence for the Pentagon, went from regular duty to 24-hour duty earlier this month amid preparations for an Israeli ground offensive in Gaza, two people said. sources told Breitbart News. The personnel changes, which took place the first weekend after the […]