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Florida school district adds 4-day weekends to combat absences

Pasco County, Florida (W.F.L.A.) — Pasco County School District Florida is implementing a new approach to the school calendar for the 2024-25 school year to address chronic absenteeism. The new schedule will include “several four-day mini-vacations strategically placed throughout the year,” the district said. The extended weekends will take place October 12-15, 2024, February 14-17, […]

Hamas May Seek Extension Of 4-Day Truce With Israel: Report

Sources close to Hamas said the group was open to extending the suspension. Hamas on Sunday released a third group of hostages, including a 4-year-old American girl, in exchange for Palestinian prisoners on the third day of the ceasefire, but officials close to Hamas said it was willing to extend the ceasefire. The transfers under […]

13 Israeli, 12 Thai Hostages Released By Hamas As Part Of 4-Day Truce Deal

Hamas releases hostages as part of Qatar-brokered ceasefire deal with Israel (File) New Delhi: Twelve Thai hostages have already been freed by Hamas, Thai Prime Minister Sureta Thabisin said on the X program. Embassy officials added that they were on their way to receive the freed hostages. “The Ministry of Security and the Ministry of […]

Israel, Hamas start 4-day cease-fire in Gaza war, ahead of hostage-prisoner swap exchange

A temporary ceasefire negotiated between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip went into effect early Friday, setting the stage for hostage releases and prisoner exchanges expected later in the day. The four-day ceasefire is a promised humanitarian relief for the Gaza Strip’s 2.3 million people, who have endured weeks of violence sparked when Hamas-led […]

4-Day Pause for 50 Hostages

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — The Israeli government on Tuesday night approved a deal in which Palestinian terrorist group Hamas would release at least 50 women, children and elderly hostages over four days in exchange for a cessation of fighting in the Gaza Strip. . In return, Israel would release more convicted Palestinians, but none convicted of […]

More schools are adopting 4-day weeks. For parents, the challenge is day 5

It’s a Monday in September, but the Pruente family’s three children have nowhere to go because school is closed. Hudson, 7, plays with balloons, Keegan, 10, plays the piano, and Callaghan, 13, bends into a backbend. Like a growing number of students across the United States, Pruente’s children follow a four-day school schedule. The change […]

More Schools Moving To 4-Day Week

A first-year student arrives with a goody bag on his first day of school amid the coronavirus pandemic in Overplace, near Bonn, Germany, on August 13, 2020. (Photo by Andreas Lenz/Getty Images) OAN’s Chloe Hawkswell3:22 PM – Monday, September 25, 2023 Schools across the country are introducing a four-day week. advertisement Hundreds of educational institutions […]

Pennsylvania lawmaker to introduce 4-day workweek bill with no pay reduction

FOX Business’s Madison Alwerth reports on the growing Gen Z TikTok trend known as “lazy girl jobs,” which urges job seekers to seek less stressful, higher-paying jobs. Worker in much of Pennsylvania Companies may be considering a four-day workweek, as state lawmakers say they will introduce legislation to shorten the workweek without cutting workers’ wages. […]

Samsung to give staff 4-day work week once a month

Samsung plans to give employees a Friday off once a month as it introduces a four-day work week like other companies, reports said. Starting next week, full-time staff at the company’s South Korean office will be able to take time off on Fridays when they receive their paychecks. Bloomberg News reported. Samsung’s move comes after […]