Biden’s tax-hike plan would cost the US economy nearly 800K jobs

Maya McGuineas, chair of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, outlines “three fundamental ways” Biden could reduce the national debt. President Biden has proposed various policies. tax increase Targeting corporations and wealthy Americans, the tax hike could weigh on an already fragile U.S. economy, according to the Tax Foundation. A study by the Tax […]

Costa Mesa cops return $800K of weed to distributor after raid

California police last week personally handed over $800,000 worth of marijuana to a dealer, months after the department illegally seized a trove of the goods. Costa Mesa police and other city officials on Thursday reluctantly returned more than 100 pounds of bud, e-cigarette boxes and other marijuana paraphernalia to Se7enleaf as part of a settlement […]

NYC Council Begs Court to Authorize Voting Rights for 800K Foreign Nationals

The New York City Council is asking an appeals court to grant more than 800,000 foreign nationals the right to vote in the city’s municipal elections. In January 2022, Democrats on the 51-member New York City Council will give more than 800,000 foreign nationals with green cards, visas, and work permits the ability to vote […]

Florida Has Nearly 800k More Registered Republicans than Democrats

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) recently announced that there are nearly 800,000 more registered Republicans in Florida than Democrats. “When I was elected governor in November 2018, there were nearly 300,000 more registered Democrats than Republicans in Florida,” he said, announcing his presidential bid as a Republican in January. DeSantis, who declined, told X. “Currently, Republicans […]

Claudine Gay set to keep $800k salary despite resigning

She won't be leading the Crimson, but Green should be fine. Claudine Gay, the outgoing president of Harvard University, is likely to still earn nearly $900,000 a year, even though she was forced to step down as the school's top administrator. Gay, a political science professor who resigned Tuesday amid a storm of allegations that […]