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Journalist Karen Swensen helps raise $200K for 90-year-old vet

A former Louisiana news anchor helped raise more than $220,000 on Memorial Day for a 90-year-old military veteran who makes a living pushing a shopping cart in sweltering heat at a local supermarket. When journalist Karen Swensen saw Dillon McCormick working in 90-degree heat at a Winn-Dixie store in New Orleans, she couldn’t believe her […]

Blue Origin Resumes Space Tourism Flights Today With 90-Year-Old On Board

Sunday’s mission finally gave Ed Dwight the chance he was denied decades ago. Washington: Blue Origin is scheduled to fly adventurers to the final frontier on Sunday for the first time in nearly two years, reigniting competition in the space tourism market after a rocket accident halted crewed flights. Six people, including Ed Dwight, a […]

Italy 90-year-old, Emma Maria Mazzenga breaking world records

It’s no wonder that Italy, which has the oldest population in the European Union with one in four people over 65, has the world’s fastest female sprinter at 90 years old. Emma Maria Matzenga set a new world record in the over-90 age group this month by running 200 meters outdoors in 51.47 seconds. Born […]

MS Society canned a 90-year-old volunteer over gender pronoun usage. Damage control efforts have not gone well.

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society recently canned a 90-year-old volunteer who had worked for the organization for decades for daring to question the organization’s adherence to radical social constructionist practices. The online backlash was swift and severe. various critics doubts expressed Regarding future donations to organizations. Some accused the organization, which locked comments on X […]

MS Society Maintains Decision to Oust 90-Year-Old Volunteer for ‘Not Understanding Preferred Pronouns’

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society stands by its decision to exclude a 90-year-old volunteer because he “didn’t understand.” [preferred] pronoun. ” “Volunteer Fran Itkoff was recently asked to leave her role due to comments that were deemed inconsistent with our inclusivity policies,” the nonprofit explained. statement. “Fran has been a valued member of our volunteer […]

90-Year-Old Becomes UNT’s Oldest Master’s Graduate

A 90-year-old woman is inspiring others to achieve their academic dreams with a good attitude and hard work. Minnie Payne recently earned her master's degree from the University of North Texas and her loved ones are extremely proud, News 4 San Antonio report Saturday. When asked why she continued working to further her education, she […]

94-year-old woman travels across US to see 90-year-old sister one last time

A New England granddaughter traveled across the country with her 94-year-old grandmother to see her 90-year-old sister for the last time. A video taken on their last night together is going viral on TikTok. In a video shared by Stephanie Atkinson Shively, her sister said, “If we don’t meet on earth, we will meet in […]